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Vogue'ing the Vote

Filed By Steve Ralls | December 04, 2007 1:23 PM | comments

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vogue.jpgAt long last, the most important endorsement of the 2008 presidential election is here. During a press event last night in New York, Madonna made it official: She's backing Hillary Clinton for the White House.

According to Madonnalicious - the online community of all things 'Material,' - her Madgesty responded, when asked "Hillary or Obama?," with an enthusiastic "Hillary."

"I've gotta support the girls," Mrs. Ritchie told the crowd, adding that, ". . . I'm a big fan of the Clintons."

Loud stampedes of Prada-heeled gay men could immediately be heard running over to the gay Hill camp.

So sorry, Oprah and Obama, but it looks like the diva winds have been taken out of your sails. After all, as the song goes, "Take a bow, the night is over . . . this masquerade is getting older." The Senator from New York is now officially vogue'ing the vote.

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Since you mentioned "diva," I'm sure you won't mind me linking people back to my relevant post:


P.S. I'm for the girls and for the boy -- Obama, that is. That's what I like to call the best of both worlds.

Why would anyone vote for someone based on what Madonna thinks? She hasn't even put out a good album since Ray of Light.

You do give us a clue with your Prada reference--Hilary is the preferred candidate of the over-priviliged, shallow, and frivolous.

Loud stampedes of Prada-heeled gay men could immediately be heard running over to the gay Hill camp.

Let's see if I'm willing to make that stampede when I'm able to afford me some Pradas, lol. The 2008 election will be long over by then.

So I guess no more Clark? I know she did a fundraiser for him a while back back when he was thinking about running. It's kind of a big switch.

Kevin, I beg to differ. Confessions on a Dancefloor is perhaps one of the greatest albums EVER!

And voting for someone endorsed by Madonna makes about as much sense as voting for someone based on any other sort of endorsement.

Madonna? Oprah? Babs? Sissy democrats.

Huckabee has Chuck Norris and some former wrestler.

I'm not going to vote in the primary until Stephen King or Tiger Woods tell me who to vote for.

Ahh the joy if cleberty endorsements.I must be silly as thats not how I pick my candidates I do my research and find whom im comfy with not who all has the bigger possie.

"Why would anyone vote for someone based on what Madonna thinks?" said someone above. Female celeb endorsements have value! These are powerful and tough ladies. Fighters and conquerors in their own right. Attention must be paid to such ones. Seriously, a strong woman of accomplishment should be more than an "endorser". She ought to be running the show. I'd rather Madonna as president a thousand times over rather than the pitiful monkey now in that chair. We should not discount strong women whose currency has been sex. They simply understood the market.

Zach Adamson | December 5, 2007 8:28 AM

Now.. dont get me wrong.. Im obligated to say for fear of loosing my gay card, that I love Madonna as much as the next queen. But lemme tell you a bit about Madonna and her political leanings. In all of history, with the exception of the last few, Madonna has been silent when it comes to politics. So naturally, when she decided to become vocal, she put her money on Gen Wesley Clark. It was quite a big deal, she had it all over he web site. I was getting copies of it in email every day from people who knew I was both a political junkie AND a raging queen.
But after reading all that she had to say about how long and hard she toiled with the decision, she had come to back Clark. But... she never said why. I looked for one reason and never found a single one. It was like she and Clark had shared a hit of extacy and now they were best friends. I even thought about witting to her to complain, but we know that its against the rules of behavior to criticize the Empress most high. I actually had wondered a bit about Clark. I kinda liked him, so I looked to the only person at that time who I had heard was endorsing him, and Our Lady never gave a single reason to vote for him. I was heartbroken.
And now, while my support at this time is fairly secure with Hillary, I wonder what or if there will be any reason for Madonna's endorsement. Perhaps she and Madonna shared a cab to a monster megga gay circuit party in London without us hearing about it. I wonder..
Besides.. isnt she a Brit now anyway?

It makes perfect sense to me. Madonna and Hillary seem to be made out of the same mold. I can imagine Hillary re-shooting the "Express Yourself" video --- and people really having to look closely before they exclaim, "Hey! That's Hillary Clinton!" ...

... and then, when we get to the middle dance sequence with the Germanesque eye monocle, we see that Hillary can dress in a man's suit and grab her crotch even more convincingly than Madonna herself!

Perhaps Industrial Light and Magic can produce said video using CGI --- it would be way cool!

(P.S. But then, why shouldn't Hillary grab her crotch? God knows it's been ages since Bill last grabbed it! ... oh, sorry, the Devil made me say that ...)