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Who knew Sherri Shepard is transphobic?

Filed By Bil Browning | December 06, 2007 12:04 PM | comments

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We do now.

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She's "against" evolution and Halloween and doesn't know that the Earth is round.

Is anyone surprised?

She is a parent Something i have experience with since i was 20.

Alex it's a hard call.

You don't want to see your child engage in activities that will make him or her the plaything of bullies for the entire time they are in school.

Take care
Susan Robins


I really don't think that was Sherri's concern.

Alex it's really hard to second guess a parent's motives.

You have to remember the View has a certain posture it has to maintain. It's not a GLBT friendly show.

The View is a mainstream hetro-female program for conservative women. That is their audience that is what the advertisers expect to be sending their message. There is no Depth to the View it's all for women who don't want to examine any issue much past the shallow skin deep level.

I put The View in the same category as South Park in terms of it's ability to deal with any topic on a deep informative level.

Take care
Susan Robins.

I disagree, Sue. Rosie O'Donnell gave them their best ratings ever and she's far from a conservative. New hostess Whoopi Goldberg also isn't known for her love of George W nor is Joy Behar.

Elizabeth Hasslebeck? Yes. Barbara? Maybe. But in this episode you have 4 women taking the liberal approach and one going conservative.

I think it's a few steps above South Park. Not PBS high, mind you, but better than South Park.

Uncle Fucker.


well maybe my comparison is a little harsh.
I happen to like Rosie, She didn't like having her speech censored on the View. I respect her because she has principals.

Take care
Susan Robins

hmm cant get your video to work?

ok finaly got it to work interesting just goes to show.You have to be careful who you tell what you are!

Hi Cathy
I made that mistake once i was four years old.
Told my mother i was going to grow up to be a woman some day and she flipped out.

She never lived to see the conclusion of my transition however she did see the start of it, and wasn't very happy about it.

Unfortunately she didn't have her mother's tolerance.

Take care
Susan Robins

Yes Sue and theres some folks I have yet to tell im Pagan let alone bi. So you see if you tel the wrong person prepare for a bad response!