January 30, 2008

A League of Their Own

Filed by Eric Leven | January 30, 2008 | 4:52 PM | comments

Having just been a member of my first gay and gay friendly sports league it is with great joy that I introduce the new team of The Twin Cities Gay Hockey Association. The Big Gay Moose- yes, that's right. They're...Read More

John Edwards drops out

Filed by Alex Blaze | January 30, 2008 | 3:15 PM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch video in YouTube App...Read More

I am a poster child with no poster

Filed by Guest Blogger | January 30, 2008 | 2:29 PM | comments

[Ed. note: This guest post come to us from Jennifer Storm, author of Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America.] According to RAINN, The Rape Abuse and Incest Network, nearly 90% of alcoholic women were sexually abused as...Read More

Another great reason to visit Vermont

Filed by Waymon Hudson | January 30, 2008 | 1:20 PM | comments

The town of Brattleboro, Vermont has placed a rather interesting petition on the March ballot. The town will be voting to arrest President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for “crimes against the Constitution.” While the petition has no legal...Read More

10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See

Filed by Michael Crawford | January 30, 2008 | 10:45 AM | comments

I admit upfront that I am being a total blog whore with this post (and Bil may kick my butt for it), but I want to call your attention to 10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See. It is my...Read More

John Edwards and the Standoff in New Orleans

Filed by Storm Bear | January 30, 2008 | 9:27 AM | comments

click to enlarge Rumors this morning is that John Edwards will quit the campaign today. Only time will tell. I am unsure if this is true or not - it may be. I think if I was John, I...Read More

She's Just Not That Into You

Filed by Serena Freewomyn | January 30, 2008 | 9:20 AM | comments

A couple of years ago, the gals of Sex and the City learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, "he's just not that into you." iPhone users: Click to watch video in YouTube App...Read More

Thoughts on sexual safety and risk-taking in the era of the internet

Filed by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore | January 30, 2008 | 8:17 AM | comments

One of the things I like about Randy is that right away we’re having this conversation about sex and risk, I guess that's something that can happen when you meet at a sex club, I mean something that can happen...Read More


Clay Aiken: He's just too busy

Filed by Ed Team | January 30, 2008 | 7:38 AM | comments

“I just don’t have an interest in … any of that at all. I have got too much on my plate. I’d rather focus on one thing and do that when I can devote time to it, and right now,...Read More

It feels so good

Filed by Bil Browning | January 30, 2008 | 7:21 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch video in YouTube App Ah, masturbation. It's just as common as doing the dishes, eh?...Read More

Hannah Montana Made Me Suicidal? Britney has MENtal ISSUES!

Filed by Michael Buckley | January 30, 2008 | 6:15 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch video in YouTube App Sorry for my ANNIE SINGING VLOG - LOL It's painful! This episode needed an update at the end so just when you think it's over- IT'S NOT! LOL More Hannah Monscandal...Read More

Living A Second Life: Dating, Sex, Work, And Looking Good While Doing It

Filed by Rebecca Juro | January 30, 2008 | 1:24 AM | comments

[Some of the terms used here which are specific to Second Life are defined in Getting A Second (Or Maybe A Third) Life.] As I entered Second Life for the first time in earnest, I still thought of it in...Read More