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Joe Solmonese: Homotextual

Filed By Ed Team | January 10, 2008 7:22 AM | comments

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"To me, it's not that we left anyone behind, but [there's] the feeling of being left behind. It's that feeling of left
behind rather than the reality of left behind because no one is being protected now - gays and lesbians - and won't be for a really long time."
-- HRC President Joe Solmonese after meeting with trans activists in San Francisco.

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Obviously, they still don't get it, and they're still actively screwing us over in concert with Congressional leaders.

Of course, transpeople were left behind, and of course, we know HRC played a key role in helping Congressional leaders to make that happen. We also know that they've lied about their participation in the process throughout.

And then they wonder why no one trusts them anymore.

This is just more evidence of why HRC is completely incapable and unsuited to represent the vast majority of American LGBT people, those of us who work for a living and for whom civil rights mean more than just getting legally married and saving money on our taxes.

They just don't get it, and until they're ready and willing to include the rest of the community in their leadership and decision-making process they never will.