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"That's Hot" Open Thread

Filed By Michael Crawford | January 10, 2008 11:34 AM | comments

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A friend reminded me the other day that Mid-Atlantic Leather is coming up here in D.C. and I instantly had visions of leather daddies and muscle boys in fatigues just low enough that you can see the waistband of their underwear.

If you have not witnessed the festivities, you are really missing out. Its a visual feast with a little something for everyone.

So, share with us what piece of clothing gives you that special tingle and makes your mind wander?

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Sweatpants. Preferably with no underwear, but I'm not picky...

My first long-term boyfriend from high school used to wear sweatpants constantly as his "around the house" garb. Usually with no underwear. LOL

I dig breasts. So anything that showcases the girls is fine by me.

I'm with Bil on this one. Nothing like a pair of baggy, draw-string sweatpants with no undies to get me going!

They look even better around the ankles. :)

beergoggles | January 10, 2008 5:51 PM

I'll have to go with the triangle of fur above the buttcrack.. and the fur trail below the belly button..

I'll have to go with the triangle of fur above the buttcrack.. and the fur trail below the belly button..

Since when is that a piece of clothing???


Yah okay....

Being lesbian...
I like my girl in a flimzy shift.
Nothing else
Barefoot unless going to the store or something.

When i was thinner (and Post-Op) that was my choice of uniform for quite a while.

Take care

The only clothing item I have any type of fetish for is the jockstrap --- probably because it hides so little.

... Like the men who wear them, black and colored jockstraps often prove to be more intriguing than the garden-variety white ones.