February 13, 2008


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Lawrence King, the eighth-grade boy was shot and wounded by a classmate at E.O. Green School in Oxnard Tuesday, has been pronounced brain dead, authorities said this afternoon. Oxnard police released a statement this afternoon saying King had died....Read More

Big Brother 9 Neil Garcia shows his ass (literally)

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Did you watch the first episode of Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part? (Or as I like to call it: Big Brother: Winter Break 2008) This time around they're pairing participants into duos to duke it out including...Read More

Happy Valentine's Day!

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iPhone users: Click to watch happy valentine's day everyone!!! lets love not hurt :)...Read More

Creating Change giveaway

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Okay - you know me. There's nothing I like better than giving away free stuff. The kind folks at Creating Change decided to load me down with swag and I thought I'd pass it along to our readers. I'll be...Read More

Deadly Anti-Gay Attack in Jamaica Spurs Protests

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Another deadly anti-gay attack has occurred in Jamaica. The Jan. 29th attack left one man dead and two men seriously injured with machete wounds. The surviving men have said that a group of men came to their house in Mandeville,...Read More

Gay Student Shot at CA Junior High School

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[UPDATED] A fifteen year old gay boy was shot by a fellow student at an Oxnard, CA junior high school. The victim was reportedly openly gay and was regularly harassed by other students. A student at an Oxnard junior high...Read More

Reasons why I don't like "marriage equality"

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Evan Wolfson has a letter up about this year's Freedom to Marry Week and Freedom to Marry Day telling everyone, for the love of Christ, stop saying "gay marriage." It's interesting that this is often the big message of the...Read More

Quarterback Brady Quinn Drops the F-Bomb

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn was apparently part of a group of men shouting insults at gays outside an Ohio bar New Year's Day, according to a 911 call made to police. The caller told the operator, "I just walked...Read More

Florida’s Broward County Passes Trans Protections

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Transgender and gender-non-conforming residents of Broward County, Florida, are now protected from discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public venues, such as restaurants and hospitals. Broward, home of Fort Lauderdale, becomes the largest Florida community to outlaw transgender discrimination and...Read More

"This Buttars gone bad" caption this

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Utah State Senator Chris Buttars scowls while lesbian Christy Gleave testifies how she was denied hospital visitation when her partner was injured. Buttars has sponsored a bill to repeal Salt Lake City's domestic partner registry. Your mission, should you...Read More

Arizona bigots seek another marriage amendment vote

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"I believe that the institution of marriage should be reserved for the union of one man and one woman, said Sen. McCain. The Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment would allow the people of Arizona to decide on the definition of...Read More

Feminists 1, Biblethumpers 0

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click to enlarge When I was growing up in an evangelical family, there was a lot of bullshit in terms of what I had to believe. These days, the BS evangelicals must swallow is a lot higher, wider and...Read More

Black LGBT History Day 13: Marcellas Reynolds

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TV host and celebrity fashion stylist Marcellas Reynolds first appeared on TV screens as the quick-witted, hilariously outspoken house guest on CBS' summer sensation, Big Brother. Marcellas' one-liners and surprising comments won the hearts of millions of viewers. Marcellas has...Read More


James McDonough

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"Corruption had gone to an extreme. They seemed to be drunk half the time and had orgies the other half, when they weren't taking money and beating each other up." --Former Florida prison secretary James McDonough on the state's prison...Read More

Amy Winehouse SMOKES Grammys NOT CRACK!

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iPhone users: Click to watch Did you enjoy the Grammy's!? What was your fave moment? And isn't Natalie Cole a bitch?! And doesn't FERGIE'S new name work better? And FIEST is a girl not a BAND- got it! And I...Read More

"Yes we can" McCain remix

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iPhone users: Click to watch The other side of Obama's "Yes We Can" video....Read More

Lonely Valentine

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I'm single and depressed about the thought of Valentine's Day fast approaching. Any suggestions? ~ Lonely Heart If single is your current status, embrace it whole-heartedly. You are where you are because that's where you need to be. The...Read More