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Okay - you know me. There's nothing I like better than giving away free stuff. The kind folks at Creating Change decided to load me down with swag and I thought I'd pass it along to our readers. I'll be running a few contests over the coming days to give it away.

Today's gift bag includes:

Just leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on Thursday at random. Contributors can't win the contest - only readers. [Moved back to the top so more folks will see to enter.]
And the winner is... Janis Walters She pulled out the birthday card, guys! How do you top that?! Watch for another contest later today.

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Are "Guest Bloggers" considered "readers" for the sake of this contest?

Guest bloggers can win. Only regular contributors can't. If you're not listed on the Contributors page, you're fair game. :)

If I can pick I one I would like the NCTE shirt.

It's all one prize package, Emilia. You get both t-shirts, the coffee mug and the magazines.

Oooo. Fair game.

Okay, here's my "comment."

"Bil Browning is a wonderful human being and is filled with the milk of human kindness."

Naah. Even I don't believe that. I don't want to get a sugar high. Let's see . . . ah, yes!

"Bil Browning is a tough activist who is single-handily changing the world we live in."

Okay, that is just a bit over the top. Let me see. Oh, hell! I'll just beg.

"Oh, Bil, please pick me! Please, please, please! I'll have Marti come over and wash your car. Pick me! Pick me!!!!!" (Insert an image of Monica with kitchen faucet tears in her eyes.)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | February 12, 2008 12:06 PM

On behalf of contributers may I just say, "Darn!" ;-D

Although I don't need anymore stuff--I just got rid of a bunch of things when I moved. "Simplify, simplify!"

I totally think Monica deserves it!

I wear an XL and I love wearing t-shirts that make the people in Utah (when I go home to visit) terribly uncomfortable.

You like me! You really, really like me!

Have tried to sign-up for an account so I can post directly but twice have finished the process and waited for a promised confirmation e-mail that never came, so I guess I'll have to add my name to the hat this way.


JW - Your JWilsonJr account has been activated. Check your spam folder, sometimes the e-mail gets stuck there. :( Sorry for any inconvenience.

I never win anything...

maybe I'll win something Thursday!

I read and check Bilerico multiple times a day AND link many articles to my Facebook page. Not only am i a SUPERfan but i try to bring in extra traffic, which increases impression numbers which thus makes advertising more lucrative. C'mon now!

Giggles I'm trans and just like free stuff. I have no shame. wow it it easier to be shameles and pour it on in person :( Hmmm I wonder what appeal to sympathy would affect you DAN.. Have A great Day!!!!

Pick me! Pick me! See, I'm jumping up and down in my chair waving my arms back and forth like the guy lost in the wilderness trying to flag down a plane (to no avail).

If you're out in the wilderness, how is Bil going to get you the stuff if he picks you?

(Insert a video of Monica jumping up and down, waving her hands to block Bil from seeing Rebecca and Robin.)

"Pick me! Pick me, teacher! I know the answer!"

Oh, wait. That was an old line. Hold one minute while I access my "How to beg for free stuff" file.

Okay. I think I got it now.

"Pick me! Pick me, Bil! I'm the one who needs the free stuff!"

There! Top that, Robin and Rebecca. (This is so much fun.)

Janis Walters | February 13, 2008 8:10 AM


Please ignore Monica and Rebecca... they are just trying to get attention... no, wait, they are beggging for attention! lol

But... Thursday is my Birthday .. that's right, I am a sweet Valentine's girl and what better way to recognize my birthday than to award these fantastic prizes to a fabulous birthday girl!!

Oh, BTW Bil, I am also a native Hoosier (does that get me any extra points??) and the Indianapolis Zoo is my favorite zoo to visit.

Just think of this aging tranny who desperatly deserves a couple of new t-shirs .. and ignore all that silly begging from the other girls.. please!!!!

Read Bilerico at least 3 times a day but rarely post (too shy). As I live in Florida I am soooooooooo bummed with all the LGBT negativity and the upcoming "pro-marriage" amendment. If I won the contest I would be reading the 3 back issues of Queerly Divine (at the same time) while wearing my t-shirt and sipping out of the coffee mug. My outlook would definitely change to the positive!

Ok.....if the sympathy vote didn't work I can beg and grovel: please, please, please pick me. I'll be your best friend!!! :-)

Zach Adamson | February 13, 2008 8:46 AM

I dont have anything witty to write... except that all the XL shirts will look beautifully blousy on me..! I want the mug for work. :-)

Pick me. I'm about as random as they come.

Oooo, Janis. Using the "birthday card." That's a cold blow to the rest of us. BUT! My birthday is March 8th, so that's close.

(Insert image of Monica walking away with her head hanging low.)

"Damn, Janis is good," she whispers.


Giggles, All of u's are funny. :)

This contest is now closed. No more entries will be accepted. See above for the winner.

Way to go, Janis! You deserved it.

Hey! Wait a minute! Did you check her driver's license to see if it is her birthday?

(Bil, thanks. This was really a lot of fun.)

Congrats, Janis.. That was good :) i have not seen an finer appeal than that one. Can i borrow it? Whoops HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HON !!!!!!!!!!