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John Mayer's body is NOT a Wonderland

Filed By Bil Browning | February 06, 2008 3:57 PM | comments

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John MayerOh, who am I kidding? I'd still hit it if he lost the glasses. I mean, the Borat suit just makes for easy access.

Still, what does it say about his sexuality? That he's obviously not gay or he'd have better taste?

I'm going to imagine that it was a gift from someone else on the boat so he felt obligated to wear it.

Otherwise, he ordered it from International Male... And if you're gonna get a neon green number, how could you pass up the suede swimming trunks?

Another "sexy" pic after the jump. Click to embiggen.

John Mayer

(Hat tip to Queerty for this catch.)

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Yes, it was given to him by a fellow passenger.

Maybe whoever was responsible for shutting down the site was just trying to prevent this post from ever seeing the light of day.

In fact, the perpetrator was probably me from the future – desperately trying to rewrite this horrible past. Which makes me the original Terminator, you Sarah Connor, and this post John Connor. The only flaw in that analogy is that in the sequel I have to come back and try and save this post, which I can’t ever see happening.

Then I'll rekindle the dream, Witness. Maybe there's hope he'll play for my team after all.

ohh Bil equal time pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!hehe

Cathy, love, what would you like? I have to say, I'm not good at choosing female eye candy. *giggles*

But if you send me some good ones, I'd be happy to use them. :)

Bil im sure you could find somebody nice for the ladies I dont want to infringe on anybodys copy rights by sending you any thing also there are some very nice hot Transgirls to ;)

Bil, don't pretend that's not the outfit YOU wear when you're reading US Magazine -- okay, I know you prefer the leopard print...