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LGBT Latinos for Obama

Filed By Ed Team | February 29, 2008 7:29 AM | comments

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"As LGBT Latinos and Latinas who happen to be immigrants or descendants from immigrant families we are sick and tired of seeing our lives and values be misrepresented by those who seek to drive wedges in our communities as a means to split our vote and gain power through division.

We saw it when the right wing used same-sex marriage to rile up the conservative vote for President George W. Bush and we are seeing it again with immigration being blamed as the source for all the nation’s ills.
This is why we believe that, in this presidential election, there is one clear choice.


-- From "An Open Letter to the Latino LGBT community" signed by many Latino LGBT leaders

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Signed by "many LGBT Latino leaders" is not very convincing.

At this point, Obama is my first choice. I am sure that my endorsement is not going to affect the opinion of women, including transgender women, on how to vote in the coming elections. Or any one else, for that matter.

The LGBT community needs to form a voting bloc, united and determined, to best serve our interests. A pledged ten percent of the voting population, coupled with the votes of our straight allies, could be a remarkable incentive for all politicians to respect our right to Equality. And it would be the right thing. How can anyone rationally defend discrimination? It is Un-American. But we won't promote those interests by declaring that "many LGBT leaders" will support the candidate that best represents them.

Bil did some editing on the letter. YOu can see the letter in its entirety at misswildthing.blogspot.com with all the names there and people adding their names daily.

Well, Miss Wild Thing, I stand gratefully corrected. It would be great if we could get this unity working at local levels, too. Nationwide. With a list of endorsements from our entire community. Campaign support. EEEEvvvvery thing. For candidates that really support equality for everyone.

Michael Bedwell | February 29, 2008 3:36 PM

Oh, Maria, please! Last time I looked it was all of FOURTEEN people! And they regurgitate the same lie about DOMA that Obama's been peddling for months!

My 14 Latino queens for Hillary can beat up your 14 Latino queens for Obama.