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Nader: The Audacity of Ego

Filed By Storm Bear | February 29, 2008 8:12 AM | comments

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It takes a particularly high opinion of self to be Ralph Nader. A multiple-loser for the Presidency, he is at again with another political loser, Matt Gonzalez. Although he lead the San Francisco Board of Supervisors several years ago, I find it difficult to understand how these guys think they can win in 2008.

Yes, let us all repeat again that Nader did bring product safety to the forefront of the American consciousness - yes, Ralph, thanks for that. But looking back at the last 7 years of a Bush presidency, you campaign harmed the nation just as much (if not more) as you helped it decades earlier.

You had great karma, but your 2000 bid damaged the nation, maybe to the point it may not recover.

But that wasn't enough. Oh hell no. Your ego required more stroking in 2004 and did nothing to help remove Bush from office. One would have thought that seeing how close the 2000 election was, you would have taken up the charge to restore voter rights and prevent that debacle from ever happening again. And it did happen again in the Great State of Ohio.

Thanks for that.

You may be a consumer advocate, but you can no longer claim to be an advocate for the American People. How many dead would still be living had Gore won in 2000? We needed you assistance instead of your resistance.

Don't look to me to stroke your ego or boost your over-inflated level of self-importance. And don't you dare ask for my campaign contribution.

Go masturbate on your own time.

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How is it Nader's fault that enough people felt disenfranchised with the two major candidates in 2000 to vote for a third party? How is it his fault that Gore ran an inept campaign? How are voting irregularities, a broken Electoral College system, and a partisan Supreme Court Nader's fault?

He knows he can't win. That's not the point. The point is he feels like both political parties have failed the American public. And he wants to raise as much awareness to the issue as he can. It's up to the major candidates to take into consideration the issues that Nader raises.

Saying that he shouldn't run in an open, democratic country is insulting, undemocratic, and quite frankly, highly offensive to the ideals this country was founded on. I wish as much as the next person that Gore had been our president these past 8 years, but the fact that he wasn't is NOT Nader's fault and I'm so tired of hearing people blame him.