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Quarterback Brady Quinn Drops the F-Bomb

Filed By Waymon Hudson | February 13, 2008 1:22 PM | comments

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PhotobucketCleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn was apparently part of a group of men shouting insults at gays outside an Ohio bar New Year's Day, according to a 911 call made to police.

The caller told the operator, "I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot..."

Hear the complete call and read the full account here.

Another homophobic star? How surprising. I guess he’ll be off to gay rehab like Isaiah Washington any day now…

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Given Quinn's performance on the field thus far, he will probably be asking us if we "want fries with that combo meal" before long. Be careful who you gay-bash, Mr. Quinn, you might have to ask a GLBT person for a job sometime......

Wait, this kid is paid to play a stupid game? No wonder he'd behave as if he were spoiled....

Apologies to all the football fans on this thread.

Oh, wait, did someone call 911 because they got called a faggot? That seems like an inappropriate use of the system.

Actually, Alex, the group was harassing many gay-passerby's and the caller thought it was escalating, so he feared for his safety.

And I happen to think that anytime someone aggressively uses slurs against someone else, especially when it is a mob of drunk straight guys, that the police should be called. Was the guy supposed to wait until he was beat up to use the 911 system? Not hardly. It’s called taking action to make sure no one gets hurt. It’s what the police are for.

In fact, when the police arrived, another gay man was being harassed by the group and ended up injured. The police even labeled the attack as an "anti-male homosexual" hate crime. The caller did the complete right thing.

Thanks Waymon. Proves my original point - football players!

Alex, I always knew you were a football-a-phobe.

Hater. :)

It just makes me mad that this moron (who was always billed as the "all-american boy" by the media) is looked up to by kids. Then he goes out, gets trashed, and starts bashing gays.

What a role model...

I know! But it's instances like this since/in high school that have made me a tried-n-true football-a-phobe.

Well, I had a very different experience with the football team in High School, but we won't go in to that here...


Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | February 13, 2008 3:25 PM


Brady won't be sent to gay rehab like Isaiah. He's too cute, too white and too rich.

You're right. He'll probably get an endorsement deal out of it.

Or maybe he'll start campaigning for Huckabee...

I can't wait to see what approach Outsports will take on this issue.

They will probably remove him from their All-Hot league *giggles*.

Update: The allegations have been denied. A typical statement has been released showing no visible sympathy for the group in question, choosing instead to use the blanket phrase "inappropriate comments".

The Browns, while saying they took matters seriously, stated that they found no merits in the claims. No shit, Sherlock. As if any sports players, worth millions in dollars, were ever turned down in exchange of respecting some queers.

Calling the police liars, however, seems like this will lead to some interesting development. While I personally don't buy Quinn's statement, I'd rather find out the details of the controversy as the story is investigated further.