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Queer Music Friday - Sinead O'Connor

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Here's Sinead O'Connor's cover of Nirvana's All apologies:

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And Sinead, in her own words with The Advocate, on sexuality, lesbians, and the gay press:

I don't remember exactly, but this woman reporter asked why did I think lesbians liked me so much or why was I so popular with lesbians, and I said it was probably because they thought I was one of them, meaning that I don't believe in gay or straight and I don't believe love is conditional. But obviously the reporter ran with it and the paper hyped it, because it probably sold a lot of issues, and, really, I was quite happy for them to do that. I didn't mind. I think [the gay press] should do whatever they can to sell as many papers as anybody else.[...]

I suppose some people are confused, but like I said, I don't think there really is such a thing as gay or straight. That's where I stand.

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I think in one sense she is right, our capacity to love transcends gender. As a 'straight' friend of mine once said, he has come to realise that, given the right circumstances and person, he could see himself falling in love withh a man as well as a woman. It isn't that he would go looking for a man as a partner, but if through just normal contact someone came along that fit just right, it could happen.

As a lesbian, I see things in the same way, I would not seek out a relationship with a man, I prefer women, but if someone came along that really clicked with me, it wouldn't matter what their sex was.

A scary thought, but oh well. Guess it scares me into a bit of Heterophobia.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | February 9, 2008 12:59 AM

An interesting aside: Sinead has a daughter with John Waters, a sort of "Neo-Con" (although the term doesn't exist in Irish politics), fathers' rights, columnist/journalist who pops up EVERYWHERE in Ireland. He works for the Irish Times, had a column for a while in Village magazine (the publication I wrote for briefly) and was a regular guest commentator on Newstalk Radio 106 when I was living in Dublin.

I found him to be insufferably officious--couldn't stand him.