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Statement from Hillary Clinton on the memorials for Lawrence King

Filed By Bil Browning | February 22, 2008 6:20 PM | comments

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Just in from the Hillary Clinton campaign:

“I was deeply saddened by the recent death of 15-year-old Lawrence King who was killed at his school in Oxnard, CA. No one should face intimidation or violence, particularly at school, because of their sexual orientation or the way they express their gender identity.

“We must finally enact a federal hate crimes law to ensure that gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are protected against violent, bias-motivated crimes. We must send a unified message that hate-based crime will not be tolerated.”

Memorials are being held around the country for King.

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Michael Bedwell | February 22, 2008 7:33 PM

Paging Sen. Obama. Sen. Obama, white courtesy phone. What? Elvis has left the building? Nevermind.

Well, even before seeing this, I went out and voted early today, and I voted for Clinton.

Now I see my instincts were good. It was also very classy of her to cancel the rally she was to hold in Fort worth, when she learned one of the policemen in her motorcade was killed in a traffic accident.

It is the simple acts of respect that mean so much.

Certainly, it was a nice thing to see Hillary make a public statement on hate crimes without being forced into it by direct questioning or by the pressure generated by her ever-fading campaign. I just think it's a pity that a kid had to die in a hate crime before she was motivated to do so.

And yes, I'd have liked to have seen Obama make such a statement too, but of course, unlike Hillary, he's been proactively promoting his position on hate crimes legislation throughout the campaign.

Michael Bedwell | February 22, 2008 10:13 PM

If someone will open that sealed envelope over there they'll see that I predicted such a petty, ill-informed, mean-spirited comment like Rebecca's. It's a pity that a kid had to die in a hate crime to give you another excuse to bash her. Could I have your permission to start referring to the sun as "Rebecca" because obviously the earth rotates around you.

"he's been proactively promoting his position on hate crimes legislation throughout the campaign"??? Down on our farm in Greenville, Indiana, we had one word for that: hogshit.

Bitter much Michael?

At least be honest about it. I challenged you a while back in another post to show me where Hillary had proactively made a statement on trans-inclusive hate crimes or ENDA, and I didn't notice you coming back with a credible response. And no, her recent post here doesn't count, that came afterward, and only on the day before Super Tuesday, where she was expected to, and did, lose bigtime.

It's not bashing when I'm simply pointing out the truth. Hillary avoids controversial issues, including ours, unless she's in a position where it would look bad or possibly cost her votes not to address them. Her cautiousness, not just on our issues but also on many others, is exactly why when compared to a candidate like Obama, who has been proactive throughout on issues she avoids, Hillary just doesn't measure up in the minds of the American electorate.

Michael Bedwell | February 22, 2008 11:45 PM

You're bitter enough for all of us, Rebecca. Tired much is what I'd say I am. Tired of dishonest, disingenous selective perception. Tired of people who ignore the fact that whatever else Obama says or allegedly says or doesn't say he smile fucked us with McClurkin; he smile fucked us on marriage; he smile fucked us on DOMA; and he plain fucking lied to us about sponsoring and passing an LGBTTTTTTTTTTTTT rights bill in Illinois and nobody demands to know where he was when he was needed for those nine months the bill was being fought over.

Tired of your ever self-adusting definition of "truth," "credible," "proactive," blah in excelsis, just as I'm tired of his definition of what "full equality" is and having the gall to tell us what WE should be satisfied with. That IS something Sen. Clinton has never said.

By the way, whatever has happened in the interim, your definition of "lose bigtime" is just as "selective" given that she won golden California where Obamamaniacs were predicting he would conquer, New York, New Jersey, Massa-Kennedy-chusetts, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arizona, and New Mexico. I'd luv to see some more "bigtime loses" like that because she WOULD be the candidate. But, as I've said elsewhere, they're still counting absentee ballots in California so your Little Rebecca's Book of Barack Hagiography may get an update.

Okay - going to step in because this has seriously pissed me off.

Grow up.

Re-read your comments back and forth.

And then realize that a kid is fucking dead while you argue back and forth calling names over a goddamn presidential candidate that can't do more than issue statements or attend funerals.

But apparently the child's death isn't as important as scoring personal and political points on each other.


*spits in disgust*

I stand by my original statement, Bil. I think it's unbelievably sad and wrong that someone has die before a Presidential candidate, or just about ANY political candidate really, will proactively and publicly address this issue.

This kind of thing is a big part of the problem. We'd hoped Gwen Araujo would galvanize the community and the supportive pols around the issue, but it didn't, not really. If the politicians felt a real urgency here, we'd have hate crimes laws in more than just a handful of blue states. We'd have a federal law that includes all of us. If there's any bill that should be able to pass with a veto-proof majority in Congress it's one that punishes criminals (and yes, that boy is a murderer, regardless of his age) for committing crimes motivated by hatred and bigotry.

Yet, we don't see the vast majority of the politicians even speaking out on this unless and until a deadly hate crime happens, and usually only when it happens to a child in their own backyards. That's what really disgusts me, Bil, as it should disgust all of us.

It is pretty sad that this topic gets turned into a politician bashing screed, rather than focusing on the tragedy that has caused it.

Politicians are not known for their attention span on most issues, and I hate to say this, but there are more important things going on in this country than our struggle for equality. A generation destroying war, an economy that is swiftly going down the tubes, our overindulgence on imported oil, inflation, etc, etc,.

We are one of many issues facing this country and the politicians who we elect to try and take care of it. Truth to tell, our issues effects the fewest number of people among them all at this moment. Equality and justice is important, and we should keep reminding our represenatives that there is still an underclass in this country that is faced with hatred and discriminatation almost every day. But we should also remember, there are many more problems out there which are just as urgent.

Rebecca's concerns are very important and need to be answered. Why do politicians say they care and do nothing? Perhaps it is a matter of pleasing everyone, and offending no one. However, I think it has a lot to do with an unclear picture, and those who are broadcasting the message. How simple for the grease balls who schmooze for votes and a living. Had the ENDA debate not been curtailed with a killing of its own by Barney Frank and HRC, the candidates would have had to make some kind of effort for appeasement. Rather, the bigoted words and actions were voiced on the Floor of Congress and will have a lasting affect. How easy, conservatives, rightwing religious groups, militant gay agenda, and even minority groups all have no objection to exclusion of a small and unimportant fringe community. It was painless! The Trannies were tossed out on to the street and everyone was served, or so it seemed. No votes lost, and no need to speak out against the bigoted and self serving Barney Frank and HRC. The rest of Congress was given a free ride, and except for a courageous few, no one would be held accountable. Hell, it was the gay elite who pulled the pin and blew any hope the Transgender community had. Who could argue with that? The candidates for this election, next midterms, and likely the new bandits following them will see it as a way to avoid dealing with the Transgender. The damage is done.

We have seen some of the fall out and terrible results playing out now. More Transgender will be fired, denied employment, lack social services and medical care. More Transgender will be bashed, beaten, raped and murdered. More Transgender will suffer injustice and inequality under an already corrupt and bigoted law enforcement and justice system. More Transgender will be denied the most basic of needs, to include the safe use of a public toilet. Oh yes, it is so plain to see the glad hand and worthless smiles, dead rhetoric and meaningless promises of the political grifters. We will also see rescinding of laws and ordinances that many communities have placed on the roles to provide protection of gender. It is already happening!

Why not? It was from the mouth of a gay politician with the endorsement of the largest gay organization. The answer to the question is obvious for everyone to see. And since I have not seen anyone who is willing to risk their political candidacy, the words of Barney Frank and the smug attitude of the HRC elite, will continue to lead the media to marginalize, and vilify the Transgender. Those “non-inclusive” words and the following domino effect will reverberate to the grave of those who are Transgender.

Clinton has already indicated that she supports an inclusive ENDA, read it right here on the blog in fact.

Only if we silence ourselves, will our voices not be heard. Educating the people and our leaders is what is called for, and pointing out the injustices is going to do more than just moaning about how we have been "Betrayed" by HRC.

Joe doesn't give a flip about us, never has and never will. Same with Barney. Guess what, they are not the whole of the movement, and they can be defeated. Educating the rank and file, getting our voices out there and not allowing their ignorance and fear to control the discussion is how we need to work. Even though we are few, we are a very articulate minority, and we have many more allies than you may think.