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A Victory in Fort Lauderdale!

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After much outcry from around the country, the City of Fort Lauderdale has removed the "Focus on Fort Lauderdale" newsletter with Mayor Jim Naugle's bigoted message against the LGBT community from the city's website. The city also decided that the mayor's column in Fort Lauderdale's bi-monthly publication will be permanently removed, giving Naugle one less platform from which to spew hate. A special thanks to Commissioners Hutchinson and Moore for standing up for the respect and equality of all residents.Naugle.jpg

This shows the power and influence of a united LGBT community. Fight OUT Loud issued an Action Alert to its over 20,000 members, many who have written in to express their outrage over this. Great sites like The Bilerico Project and Pam's House Blend helped get the word out about the call to action and within 1 day the offensive language was removed from the city website and Naugle's message were removed from future publications.

Thank you to everyone who wrote, called, and stood up against the spread of anti-gay rhetoric at the expense of Fort Lauderdale tax-payers. Your voice was heard. Never again will our community sit by and let dangerous, violence inducing language go unanswered.

We continue to call on Mayor Naugle and the entire City Commission to speak out and denounce the outbreak of violence against the LGBT community in South Florida. The community demands that its leaders step forward and diffuse the atmosphere of hate and intolerance that is brewing.

A heartfelt thanks to the members of Fight OUT Loud, the readers of the Bilerico Project and Pam's House Blend, the Michaelangelo Signorile Show on Sirius, and everyone who once again stood in solidarity against the bigotry and hatred of Mayor Naugle.

We are standing up, being heard, and making a difference!

Check out today's "You gotta see this" section for a great video from Fight OUT Loud...

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