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A young gay man stands his ground

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Jeff Williamson came out to his parents, which is a hard thing for anyone. They immediately sent him to see a Christian counselor referred by Focus On The Family- Bob Hudson.

Jeff researched the ex-gay movement before his appointment and fought back against his counselor's "Christian" agenda. He knew he was happy with who he was and wouldn't give an inch. Bravo to this smart and strong young man! What a great role model for youth who are sent against their will to ex-gay programs, which can be incredibly damaging to young minds.

Video interview with Jeff Williamson after the jump...

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Call it what it is, brainwashing.

They work on the concept of "sin", ie "punishment", to brainwash the patient into subverting their self-identity into one that conforms to a "norm" that doesn't exist.

Probably works well on bi-sexuals who are attracted to both.

Onward christian soldiers!

actually, conversion therapy doesn't work on bisexuals either. our sexuality is just as hardwired as anyone else's. regardless of your orientation, suppressing your desires causes problems. period.

i agree, great for him!

regardless of your orientation, suppressing your desires causes problems. period.

Well said, Jay. I'm proud of Jeff. What a kid!

Aw, he's turned the video private now. I hope he wasn't getting harrassed.