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Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama for President

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What did I have in my inbox this morning? An e-mail from Bill Richardson:

Dear Bil,

During the last year, I have shared with you my vision and hopes for this nation as we look to repair the damage of the last seven years. And you have shared your support, your ideas and your encouragement to my campaign. We have been through a lot together and that is why I wanted to tell you that, after careful and thoughtful deliberation, I have made a decision to endorse Barack Obama for President.

Richardson's e-mail continues after the jump.

We are blessed to have two great American leaders and great Democrats running for President. My affection and admiration for Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton will never waver. It is time, however, for Democrats to stop fighting amongst ourselves and to prepare for the tough fight we will face against John McCain in the fall. The 1990's were a decade of peace and prosperity because of the competent and enlightened leadership of the Clinton administration, but it is now time for a new generation of leadership to lead America forward. Barack Obama will be a historic and a great President, who can bring us the change we so desperately need by bringing us together as a nation here at home and with our allies abroad.

Earlier this week, Senator Barack Obama gave an historic speech. that addressed the issue of race with the eloquence, sincerity, and optimism we have come to expect of him. He inspired us by reminding us of the awesome potential residing in our own responsibility. He asked us to rise above our racially divided past, and to seize the opportunity to carry forward the work of many patriots of all races, who struggled and died to bring us together.

As a Hispanic, I was particularly touched by his words. I have been troubled by the demonization of immigrants--specifically Hispanics-- by too many in this country. Hate crimes against Hispanics are rising as a direct result and now, in tough economic times, people look for scapegoats and I fear that people will continue to exploit our racial differences--and place blame on others not like them . We all know the real culprit -- the disastrous economic policies of the Bush Administration!

Senator Obama has started a discussion in this country long overdue and rejects the politics of pitting race against race. He understands clearly that only by bringing people together, only by bridging our differences can we all succeed together as Americans.

His words are those of a courageous, thoughtful and inspiring leader, who understands that a house divided against itself cannot stand. And, after nearly eight years of George W. Bush, we desperately need such a leader.

To reverse the disastrous policies of the last seven years, rebuild our economy, address the housing and mortgage crisis, bring our troops home from Iraq and restore America's international standing, we need a President who can bring us together as a nation so we can confront our urgent challenges at home and abroad.

During the past year, I got to know Senator Obama as we campaigned against each other for the Presidency, and I felt a kinship with him because we both grew up between words, in a sense, living both abroad and here in America. In part because of these experiences, Barack and I share a deep sense of our nation's special responsibilities in the world.

So, once again, thank you for all you have done for me and my campaign. I wanted to make sure you understood my reasons for my endorsement of Senator Obama. I know that you, no matter what your choice, will do so with the best interests of this nation, in your heart.


Bill Richardson

In case you missed it, Gov Richardson has guest posted twice on the Bilerico Project:

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Great endorsement for Obama, although it is a little late in the game. I can understand the politics behind B. Richardson's delay, but come on now. Do you need to wait nearly 2 months before endorsing another candidate?

In any case the move is not that shocking, Obama just continues to snow ball his support from all angles. Just looking at his grassroots support, , the Internet strategy that he has been using is unparalleled. Of course the new polls contradict this, but we will see the ultimate outcome soon. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Barack!

I was especially proud of him in this paragraph...oh wait...maybe this isn't exactly what he said...but I'm sure it's what he and Obama really mean even if they don't say it:

"As an advocate for same sex couples, I was particularly touched by Obama's words. I have been troubled by the demonization of the LGBT community--specifically same sex couples-- by too many in this country. Hate crimes against LGBTs are rising as a direct result and now, in tough economic times, people look for scapegoats and I fear that people will continue to exploit our differences--and place blame on others not like them . We all know the real culprit -- the disastrous economic policies of the Bush Administration and the ongoing ambivalence of Democrats that find the courage to talk about race and political scapegoating but draw the line at making connections between those issues and bigotry enacted against the LGBT community even though we blamed the gays for the defeat of John Kerry in 2004."

Wouldn't it be nice?

This is happy news indeed !

Bill Richardson has strong ties to the Clintons and they made a major effort to get him to endorse Hillary.

It says a great deal that someone who knows the Clintons as well as Richardson chose Obama.

Richardson is a man of great depth and REAL experience. He is not one who needs to pad his resume with questionable examples of "experience." Richardson is also a very progressive politician and a strong ally of the LGBTQ community. He was, in fact, my first choice among the Democratic candidates this year.

I am so glad Richardson has realized that Obama is the person who can best unite our nation and lead us forward.

For me, an Obama/Richardson ticket would be my dream ticket. Richardson would bring his wealth of experience and strengths on foreign and domestic policy as well as his influence as the highest ranking elected official among the largest minority in the U.S.

I believe an Obama/Richardson ticket would be hard to beat.

Good Friday Blessings to one and all...

He was the only Democrat I was even seriously thinking about voting for to bad he dropped out when he did. If the Democrats win im sure he will once again be working in the cabinet or on the white house staff maybe even as the VP.

Richardson was my first choice for President in the primaries. The idea of an Obama/Richardson ticket makes me giddy.