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Could a gay running mate energize the Republican ticket?

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 24, 2008 4:43 PM | comments

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It would sure get them media attention:

So when Crist earlier this month introduced 38-year-old socialite Carole Rome as "my girlfriend" at a Governor's Mansion reception, tongues wagged: Could she be 'the one,' the future first lady of Florida? Or even, a vice president's wife?

Or is Rome, recently divorced and the mother of two school-age girls in New York, just the latest woman to be linked, correctly or not, with the governor who makes no apologies about his social life?

"I'm not a monk," Crist told the Times in December. "I'm a governor."

Oh, honey, we know you're not a monk! They at least get more play.

Even Daddy's excited:

Dr. Crist said his son, married once from 1979 to 1980, has always enjoyed the company of women: "Always! I mean, I can't keep up with him," Dr. Crist laughed. "And they like him, too."

Haha, they loved Liberace, too.

But who wouldn't love Crist? Let's look at what he does in his free time:

Crist has long had an active social life. On weekends in St. Petersburg, he's been seen cruising around in his yellow Mustang convertible. At night you can sometimes find him at Ceviche, the tapas bar across the street from his downtown condo.

And in Tallahassee late last year he made headlines when he made a late-night stop at Big Daddy's, the Tallahassee bar popular with FSU students who go for the beer specials.

Crist said recently that he thinks it's sort of silly how people -- notably, the press -- go into a tizzy whenever he appears in public with a woman. Yet he accepts that the scrutiny comes with his very public job.

And this short article uses the word "bachelor" only 8 times....

Seriously, though, this wouldn't be the first time that a running mate was chosen partly because of his or her identity and the fact that that identity would make the ticket "historic." And considering the fact that he'll be running against the first African American major party nominee, he might think about investing in the gay vote.

And if McCain is really as comfortable around the gays as we're told, then he ought to use this opportunity to show it.

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Oh Alex what did you take over the weekend?Realy Crist will be on the cabinet not the VP after all it will have to be a likeable bonifide Conservate.
But then when have you discovered that he is even Bi let alone Gay? Hm and pass me some of what ever you took :)

I agree that it'll likely be a conservative Christian on the ticket (I wouldn't use the phrase "bona fide conservative" as if non-fundamentalists aren't real conservatives), but I still think the idea of a gay or bi running mate is exciting.

And you're right, he could definitely be bi for all I know. I think that would be awesome!

By bonifide I mean somebody who even the likes of Rush and friends can't complain about.That would be intersing for sure but the Democrats have a better chance of pulling that off than the Republicans.Were around in the GOP but not in any real leadership roles and McCain might sneak a few of us in his cabinet or on his White House staff.Those of us in the GOP are there nasty little thorns in there back who try and keep them honest.

Just our luck he will choose Huckabee

And yeah Alex, I could use some good drugs, let your pal Diddly in on the stash!

To really punch the Dem's dream ticket (black/female in either order) in the gut, he ought to choose Condy Rice. As a bonus, there have been those rumors about her sexual orientation.

I'm considering removing myself from the "gay" category if I'm to be bunched up with his frustrated lot (I like my high horse just fine, thank you very much).

I cannot begin to describe how badly my weak stomach might react in the case that he's chosen as a running mate; I can barely hold my indignant, want-to-vomit state together without losing my sanity after the nerve he had to oppose the adoption ban repeal initiative.

Some might see it as exciting; for me, it'd be quite the let-down if the first gay/bi man to appraoch high office were a closeted, hypocritical one, willing to sell out his onw for political expediency.

The problem is that it would require Crist to come out. That'll never happen.

Setting the record "straight" | March 25, 2008 5:22 PM

No, Huckabee will not be McCain's running mate choice. McCain is stupid, but he isn't stupid enough not to realize that a McCain/Huckabee would mean a Democratic landslide for the White House and veto proof Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, while a McCain ticket with someone not so nuts in the VP slot might mean George Bush's third term, frightening as the prospect truly is.