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Darth Vader thinks I "promote a spirit of hate"

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Traffic at the Indiana Family Institute's blog must be dropping like a rock. Yesterday their latest I'm-not-a-Hoosier-but-I-play-one-on-the-blog contributor decided to do a post about one of my Quote of the Day quips. Yes, a Quote of the Day post. I'm almost ashamed that he couldn't find something better to attack me over; I spend quite a bit of time writing for two sites doggone it!

Clark Vandeventer spends his entire post attacking one sentence in mine. One sentence in a Quote of the Day entry... Who did I quote to get the blogger's dander? Why, Mr. Vandeventer, of course.

What did I quote that could possibly have been such a big deal? I called them out for putting Christianity on the "offense" against the Godless heathens. I said the Indiana Family Institute is a fundamentalist hate group.

Mr. Vandeventer takes exception with my title, "Because Christianity is warlike." Emphasis mine...

Warlike? Hardly. We're simply, as one of the original disciples of Jesus wrote, attempting to give an answer to everyone who asks us to give a reason for why we believe.

As I said in my earlier post, the result of this current spiritual and intellectual battle will either be that Christians regain the ability to speak to all areas of life or Christians will lose the ability to speak at all.

I'm happy that Mr. Browning read my blog but I'm disappointed his post tends to promote a spirit of hate rather than a spirit of genuine discussion. From his post I got the feeling he thinks I closely resemble Darth Vader.

Now maybe my logic is a little biased toward words and their meanings. I dunno. Maybe I'm off in suggesting that good ole Darth is advocating that Christians go on the offensive in this battle of his. I mean, aren't battles "warlike?"

Isn't this the usual dichotomy propagated by the likes of the IFI and George W. Bush? You're either with us or you're against us? Wanted: dead or alive? God or the devil? Good or evil? Black or white? Gay or straight? For one to triumph over another, the other must be destroyed. Instead of actually taking on different viewpoints, Darth decides to chastise me for parsing his writing into what it really means: He thinks Christianity needs to go to war.

He goes on to continue pumping his California "organization" Who names their organization with all that confusing crap? Only make-money-fast schemes from spam e-mails use URLs like that. Most groups use .org... I decided to do a little investigating. After all, I might find a para-military unit like the nutjobs from Florida. Instead, I find a shill site for Darth Vandeventer.

You'll find information about how much money he'll bring in for your organization through "philanthropic advisory services" and "the concept of Kingdom Building Businesses." Changing the world? Hardly. Changing his pocketbook? Definitely.

He'll help you grow your conservative org's wallet or he'll help you grow your own purse by coaching your business. He even has a handy blog that details (among other exciting topics) his experience at Staples and how first impressions matter. No mention of Jesus.

In the Staples post he closes with:

Don't make the same mistake I did.

I'm Clark Vandeventer, Chief Executive Officer of World Changers, Inc. In my career in major gifts fundraising I have called on more than 1,000 philanthropists. I've learned something about what motivates the heart of a donor. Some of those lessons have come through mistakes.

Contact us today at and put our experience, passion, and creativity to work for your cause. World Changers would be proud to partner with you.

This is exactly why I questioned Darth's motivations to start with.

Christianity needs to go to war? What is this, the Crusades? Christianity is a religion supposedly based on love not war - not battles or divisions into haves and have nots. When an out-of-state person shows up on a local fundamentalist group's blog and starts advocating "taking the battle to a new level," I get a little nervous. After all, someone has to make a profit off a war and World Changers Inc likes to "raise the dollars."

Don't worry, Mr. Vandeventer. I won't make that mistake. You've already left a first impression.

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I read that earlier today and it cracked me up! I love, love, love reading Sue Swayze's posts, it's ALWAYS good for a laugh.