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Fresh from the inbox from recently banned commentor and known troublemaker/internet troll Sue Robins in reference to my post yesterday apologizing for offending the disabled and naming my own disability:

Subject: I know it.
Date: March 3, 2008 9:34:24 AM GMT-05:00

"I've never really said anything about this on the blog, but I have mentioned it in a couple comment threads. I'm bipolar. Sometimes my brain backfires and things get difficult. I was diagnosed about four years ago after a major mania that scared the bejesus out of me. I don't think I have ever been so scared or ashamed of myself for mood swings and emotions that I knew weren't normal but couldn't stop."

You call that a disability. That is the kind of disability limp wrested sissies have.

Get a life fag.

She wonders why she got banned for hateful nonsense? Look for more today about our new commenting policy.

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limp wristed sissies?

what?? no "good day" at the end?

Well, I'd like to say I'm surprised it's come to this...but I'm not. I had to ban Sue from my radio show because she couldn't behave herself. As I understand it, we're only the latest in a long string of online media which have banned Sue because she couldn't play nice.

Clearly, it's not intelligent discussion, but rather fighting she's looking for, and we just don't need that here.

While that email sent to you was terrible, no question....(what the hell is a limp wrested anyway?) Banning her and then posting a link to an alleged troll listing about her strikes me as being at the same level. Can't you do better than that Bil?

For what it's worth I am also disabled. I have two destroyed discs in my spine and osteoarthritic spurs pressing on my spinal cord at the same location. I have good days and bad days and walk with a cane most of the time.

Since Rebecca threatened me with banishment at the same time, I'd like to know if I should, as she demanded, just stop coming here althogether.

I'm sorry you had to endure that. She's been banned everywhere else and you even gone out of your way to ensure that she wasn't banned here when her and I had those previous tiffs. It's interesting that Monica Roberts wrote something for her blog at having to do with Sue. I knew by the contents that she wouldn't put it here, but it does bear reading.

I had a girlfriend for 4 years who was (still is) bipolar. She took her meds and we had a wonderful relationship. Our breakup had nothing to do with her being bipolar.

I did see a time when her meds were not working and it was tough for us. But, I learned a lot about it and I have a major appreciation for those going through it and their loved ones.

I have a great admiration for you and this site. Your bravery in telling us about your bipolar says a lot about your character. I thank Marti and Becky for introducing me to Bilerico.

Cathryn, this is the one and only thing I will say on this in regards to you:

I didn't threaten you with banishment, I told you to knock off the "poor, persecuted me" act, at the same time I told Sue the same thing. Anything more you choose to read into that is entirely your own creation and not reflective of what I said or intended.

Regardless, I do hope this will serve as notice that we have certain expectations and standards for those who participate here, and that we will always place the good of the site and the conversation taking place on it above any individual participant.

As far as I'm concerned, that should be enough said.

There's a point to this, Cathryn. Don't worry.

As for your status, one thing I've noticed about you is that you don't tend to run hateful so much as argumentative. Now, I'm argumentative, myself. But I have to admit, I wish you wouldn't try to hash out arguments that are ten years old on Bilerico with a rundown of who did what to whom X number of years ago.

I think you'll be happy with the new policy. Look for it later this afternoon.

But in direct reference to this post: an old word of advice comes to mind, "Don't pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel."


"limp wrested" = a well rested and flexible wrist

I think. Who knows?

Somehow, I get the impression that the autogynephilia believers might possibly be big into self-flagellation.

I hate bickering, and I just don't understand how anyone could have written anything so distasteful as the comment directed at you. Still, censorship is not a good thing. And you shouldn't describe Sue as a troll. I know Sue is bitter, but she is also human. Walk a mile in her shoes. I don't have an answer - I just feel bad for her.

Personally, I'm glad to see it. Although I hate seeing anyone excluded from debate, there is a fine line between debate and hatefulness. I am a transwoman and it's definitely not in my best interest to be associated with someone or some group who has decided to blur the boundaries between discourse and nastiness. Please do not think we are all like this. Some of us were actually raised to be polite and respectful -- even in the face of prejudice and discrimination. I can still disagree without getting all hot over it.

Oh and the deal with autogynephilia? That's only valid if you consider BBL's positions reflective of actual research merit. Which point I for one take issue with. But then I'm just one transwoman out of a minority within a minority.

Jer -

Sue is definitely an Internet Troll. It's a term from the web:

An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

diddlygrl | March 4, 2008 8:08 PM

I never really had a problem with Sue, though some of her posts did remind me of someone who was off their medication at times.

Speaking of which, that is me, since I lost my medical insurance I can't afford my meds and have had to start cutting back on them. I am off my anti-psychotic, cut down on my mood stabiliser, and on half dosage on my anti depressant. I am also bipolar, but I am a type 2, the sort that is most likely to kill themselves with no warning, since we tend to swing into depression more than mania.

It can be a very disabling illness, I know people who are unable to function with any degree of normalcy, even with medication. The old shame of being mentally ill also comes into play. It is something that is seen in our society as a 'character flaw', rather than an illness. I mean, on the day I came out of the hospital after trying to kill myself, my brother gave me the good old 'well just cheer up', speech that people do when they just can't understand how deep, dark and full of despair life can seem to someone suffering in a severe depressive bout.

I am fairly new to the whole conversation that has taken place in the trans and LGBT community at large. When I was going through transition, I was focused pretty much on that, to the exclusion of all else but the necessities of life. Before transition, well I was pretty much dead to the world for many years, existing, not living, in denial of who and what I was, trying to hide within myself.

I am learning now, about myself, my community, the queer community in general, finding a place that seems right to me. One of the first things that I have discovered is that many of us in the transcommunity are walking wounded. We suffer a kind of PTSD caused by the contradictions of our own existence. We have lived on our inner pain for so long, that it is the only thing we know.

Though in theory we are supposed to go through therapy and learn to deal with our duality of existence, many of us don't. We treat the therapy as something to put up with and get through, rather than using it to explore and resolve the inner conflicts and contradictions of who and what we are. Either this, or the therapists who we deal with act more as gatekeepers and not partners in our transformation from catapiller to butterfly.

I don't know, guess I am just rambling a bit here, trying to make excuses for other peoples behavior, and maybe some of my own when I act up and act out.

Anyway, I feel for what you have to go through Bil, it can be tough, and can be dibilitating. You just have to keep your eye on the prize, which is life, in all it's messy glory.

I speak as someone who shares some - though not all - of Sue's beliefs.

What she said was beyond the pale, and would earn her an instant lifetime ban on any site I was the moderator of.

We only know one half of what transpired between Sue and Bill.

Liz Whitecloud