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Pissed Off Gays Show Jay Leno Their "Gayest Looks"

Filed By Michael Crawford | March 29, 2008 10:32 AM | comments

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Waymon Hudson wrote a few days ago about Jay "Gays Are a Joke" Leno and his recent ridiculous request that Ryan Phillippe show him his "gayest look." Writer Jeff Whitty rightly took offense and launched the smartest responses to Leno's homophobic (un)funny.

Now other pissed off gays including our own Eric Leven are getting in on the action.

Whitty joined with the fierce blogger Melissa McEwan of Shakesville to create the site My Gayest Look which features photos of gays from across Planet Homo demonstrating for Jay their gayest looks.

Check out some of the looks:

Gayest Look - Eric Leven.jpg
Gayest Look - Ernie.jpg
Gayest Look - Ted.jpg

More looks at My Gayest Looks.

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I love this site! Thanks for following up on this, Michael!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 30, 2008 6:39 AM

Is this an arms race to see who can be most uncivil? This proves nothing, has nothing, is nothing. When do you understand that it is only ratings (profits) that matter? If you want to have an effect announce a Gay boycott of all advertised products on "The Tonight Show" ala Anita Bryant and Orange Juice until Leno apologizes. Buy a small block of stock in GE (who owns NBC) and place it on the agenda of an annual meeting that no racial, sexual, or homophobic slurs may be broadcast. Get fired up, not fingered up. It is garbage like this that straights point to as evidence to feed their bigotry. Stop being a victim and start being savvy.

Good put, Robert, but why not both? Let Leno know how we feel and tell his sponsors and GE.

Give Leno a chance to do the right thing. Telling the sponsor without telling Leno is too much like the poison pen letter tactics of the fundies.

One additional move: if the talent who are willing to appear on The Tonight Show disappear, The Tonight Show disappears.

What, are the audience going to sit there all night and listen to the band?

Rev. Bob