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WTF? My idiot detector just went off the charts

Filed By Bil Browning | March 18, 2008 10:15 AM | comments

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Sometimes you read something on the blogs that just makes you gasp for air at the level of stupidity on display. Take a post on Republican blog Hoosier Access about white men being targeted as a voter block in the primaries:

Yes WASP men can now throw off the yolk of irrelevance. After years of being the whipping boy (no pun intended, really) by the Democratic party for pretty much every problem known to mankind the Democratic candidates for President want to hear your voice.

Yeah, cuz white guys have been cut right out of the political process, haven't they? Poor bastards. Maybe someday we can be in the majority in all three branches of government...

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Yeah, no one's ever courted their votes before. That's why no white men felt like they could run for president this cycle.

No, but really, I mean all those poor white guys just get no respect anymore!

I mean used to be, the little woman just shut up and stayed in the kitchen, or bedroom, where she belonged. The black folk was always smiling when they shined your shoes and calling you sir. There was no such thing as queers, not as a political movement anyway.

I mean what is this world coming to?

I hope they save that "yolk of irrelevance" for an omelette. Seriously, though, yolks are really heavy-- and cholesterol-laden. Maybe now fewer white men will die of heart disease.

chris faulkner | March 18, 2008 3:46 PM

I know even Democrats have a sense of humor...c'mon man it is SARCASM. Bill, you know it has to make you laugh to hear white men being described as swing voters?


Apparently, white guys need to learn about commas. (Alex, I'm just not going to let this one go. It never gets old!)

Melody, I had to LMAO @ your comment. Was the misspelled pun intentional? Because a yoke is something you carry, while the yolk is in the egg. Still, it makes for a great joke. Thanks for making me laugh today.

Robert Angelo | March 18, 2008 6:34 PM

That "the yolk of irrelevance" is leaving "egg on their face. :-)

Ya know it can be funny to think of white guys as voters who don't count.But where I live I know lots of white guys who realy do think that way.Yep here in flyover country there are many who wonder why should they vote as nobody cares about them any more.

Yes this has been the first election I have heard anyone poll how the white guy votes it's usaly who the Nascar fans vote etc in other words code for the "white guy". So laugh it off if you like but there are those who feel that way.

Gee, I thought they did the same in fly-over country what they do here, vote however their preacher tells them.

Sarcasm, Chris? I'd say the Republican party has a history of being dominated by white men. Does this mean you're willing to admit that your party tends to be rather racist and sexist? Or is it not that kind of sarcasm?