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You should see how he achieves Nirvana

Filed By Bil Browning | March 26, 2008 9:15 AM | comments

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Tags: Buddhist monks, funny pictures

This is too good to pass up. What's your best caption for this picture of Conan the Chihuahua, a Japanese dog that has learned to "pray" with the local Buddhist monks?


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"Okay, Budda. I get the message. So, can I come back as a human next time? Dog food sucks."

Or maybe, Monica, it's the other way around:

"Yes, I realize I licked balls quite a lot in my previous life ... is that why I got re-incarnated as a dog? ... (Definitely was more fun when it was somebody else's balls ...)"

The buhhda nature is a smile on a human.

I love yours! (Ah, I'm talking about the joke, not your . . . well, you understand, right?)

"Hey Buddah, no hurry on this, but you know, it's a dogs life here."

"So how long do I have to sit like this til I get that dog biscuit?"

AJ! You DID NOT just say Buddha and balls in the same sentence! I LOVE IT!

Why not, Serena? Balls are part of my path to eternal happiness and enlightenment...


Gee Waymon, getting Rid of my balls was a path to eternal happiness and enlightenment for me!