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An Open Letter to Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana

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Dear Gary,

Thank you for sending me the e-mail below. I wish I could say it's always good to hear from you. I've decided to post my reply to the blog since we've had problems before with your version of events in blog posts not quite matching reality - especially when you talk about when you advised me with a blog issue a couple years ago. Now there can be no dispute; it is on record.

Subject: Tyrion
Date: April 9, 2008 4:55:22 PM GMT-04:00

It's quite interesting that you, of all people, would allow the anonymous postings of one Tyrion who has at times called me "crazy", "bipolar", a "liar", "going over the edge", "lost it", and "left my brain in Charleston", among other things, and who has falsely and with defamatory intent accused me of professional misconduct as an attorney. Obviously, you know the identity of this person. You can graciously identify the name of this person, or you can be named as a defendant in a lawsuit and be served with a subpoena commanding you to reveal his identity. Take your pick. If this guy wants to make it his hobby to professionally trash me on anonymous blog postings, then he can suffer the consequences of defending his actions in court. And if you want to serve as his enabler, you can suffer the consequences as well.

In response to your lovely note, I have both a short and long answer for you. Short answer? Fuck directly off.

I'll lay it out for you in a longer form now. If you plan on threatening me, you'll need to back it up with more than one of your infamous Howler e-mails.

You see Gary, everyone is tired of your irate screeds that you send out willy nilly. This isn't the first time I've had one of your inane notes land in my inbox. In fact, this isn't the tenth or twentieth time. I've come to expect them and usually just junk them for the trash they are. You've even e-mailed some of our other Bilerico contributors based on posts on their blogs.

Do you remember sending Mike Rogers of PageOneQ repeated e-mails screaming that he was stealing your content since his national news roundup didn't link to you but linked the Indianapolis Star stories instead? After all, you're the only blogger smart enough to find a story published both online and in a daily newspaper for the 12th largest city in the US! It got you banned from ever being linked on the popular LGBT aggregator blog for sending threatening and hateful e-mails to the site's owner.

How about e-mailing Pam Spaulding when she didn't write a post for Pam's House Blend about Aaron Hall's murder the way you thought it should be written? Perhaps that ego was also at work when you sent her suggestions on how to write her content better. Her traffic and influence far outweighs yours; maybe she could give you tips on how to make allies in the blogosphere. How was your success rate with this hateful rant?

You've sent e-mails to's mailing list members - both privately and on the list. Your "friends" forward copies of your e-mails around as "OMG look how crazy he's gotten now!" jokes. Remember when you threatened to publish embarrassing tidbits from my youth if I didn't change my stance on whether or not Aaron Hall's murder was a hate crime? How about all of the times local officials refused to return your phone calls, the mainstream media has ignored you or the local activists have snubbed you?

You have a history now, Gary. You talk trash and then get offended if someone calls you on it or describes you in a manner you don't like. If you don't like how you're being treated by activists, media, politicians and blogs, perhaps the wise course of action would be to change your modus operandi.

If you don't want to be called racist, then stop attacking black politicians almost exclusively. If you don't want to be called xenophobic, stop insinuating a political candidate's religion makes him a terrorist. If you don't want to be held up as an example of half-baked conspiracy theories spurred on by a massive ego and diva tendencies, simply stop writing for everyone to notice.

Perhaps a little bit of investigation - or even a pleasant e-mail - would have helped your appeal to me. There's an old saying that you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but this whole things reeks of bullshit already so I'll just lay my cards on the table.

I'd like to introduce you to our Terms and Conditions page. It clearly states that I am not responsible for anything Tyrion writes on Bilerico-Indiana. He is. I'm not responsible for comments left on the site either. The commenter is. A cursory glance should suffice and the link is on every page on all Bilerico sites.

I call upon Gary to publicly share with Bilerico-Indiana readers the extent to which he has experienced documented financial loss, the clients he has lost, or any other negative consequences based on anything Tyrion has published on this blog. As far as I know, Bilerico-Indiana has never published any Gary-negative posts.

You clearly have no cause for legal action, Gary. You can blunder and buss all day long if you like, but the most you can do is subpoena me for the tiny bit of information that I have about Tyrion's identity. Here, I'll share it with you now on the blog for everyone to see...

Tyrion has never told me his real name; I didn't ask for it. His personal blog is His e-mail address is:

Your feud is with Tyrion and not with me. Please keep it that way and stop sending me e-mail threats. I'm not scared of bullies and I'm not scared of you.



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Poor Gary, call him names and he cries and threatens to sue. He'll be laughed out of court, and I'll be the one laughing in support of Tyrion if it gets that far.

Wilson46201 | April 10, 2008 9:29 PM

Understatement Of The Year: Gary Welsh doesn't take criticism well.

This makes me sad.

Gary can make some excellent points that I find directly on the mark, and then the next minute he goes off the deep end and makes you wonder what the hell he is smoking.

I find it said because a gay, conservative, lawyer could be a great asset to the debate.

Wondering what on earth his email was supposed to accomplish. Clearly, there are no legal grounds in any of his demands, so he really can't think you would give into them, can he? I can't see how trying to piss you off fixes anything, either.

But then it becomes obvious what the problem really is -- that you've given Tyrion a bigger platform for his writing. How dare you invite people Gary doesn't like to blog for you!! Even though they've never said anything bad about him on your blog! People Gary doesn't like shouldn't get attention!

I see that Gary STILL hasn't learned the legal difference between "anonymous" and "pseudonym" postings, despite StAllio! explaining it ten times to him.

You know it's bad when Bil, Wilson, Amos, Abdul, the conservative blogosphere and the liberal blogosphere all agree on something. And that something is how much of a nut you are, lol.

I use to find it very entertaining to yank Gary's lib-con chain. That was until I regrettably realized that his obviously capable mind did in fact seem to lose touch with reality whenever his core set of beliefs were challenged.

While understandable considering his/her health/ energy concerns, I was nonetheless bummed to see that Tyrion took down its excellent analysis of AI's posts.

Spangle couldn't have said it better. Amen my friend. And kudos to Bil for not putting up with that crap.

It became obvious to me during the special election cycle that Gary had, in my "non-medical professional" opinion, "lost his mind" and I told him as much. It's funny when you see the exact same state attributed to him by other people.

From a movie I'm fond of:

"Little ships fine," Confucious say. "Rowboats long in tooth make big no noise, go nowhere."