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Better Know a Contributor: Alex Blaze

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Editor's Note:This is a new weekend feature for TBP. You've seen Steven Colbert's "Better Know a Lobbyist," but our version is so much gayer! Each weekend, we will spotlight a different TBP contributor.

Our first spotlight is on TBP Managing Editor Alex Blaze. I've probably known Alex longer than anyone else on TBP. He is one of the funniest people I know and I miss being able to sit around talking dirty with him now that he lives in France. If you've never heard Alex's laugh, then you really haven't lived. Aside from being one of my favorite all time people, Alex also works as an elementary school teacher in France.

I asked Alex six questions. Follow me after the jump to read his answers.

Serena: How did you get roped into writing for TBP?

Alex: That's not a funny story, actually. I was writing at my own site since I was working freelance at the time (OK, that's a nice way to put "quasi-employed") and I commented over on Bilerico. Bil followed me over and realized that I wrote better than he does so he did the next best thing to copying me - he co-opted me.

Oh, no, wait, you asked about TBP, not Bilerico. I was doing Bilerico with Bil under the promise that it would go national and turn into a vague idea of what it is today. Of course, it took 6 months for that to happen, but those were 6 great months of learning the ins and outs of Indiana politics for me!

S: What was your coming out experience like?

A: Oh, horrible. Terrible. I can't think about it without screaming to Heaven in pain.

Seriously, though, this one is a funny story. My dad got internet access at my house when I was 14, and let's just say I had all the, ahem, energy of a 14-year-old but no idea what a history list was. . . Anyway, the story's also a powerful lesson in denial. I came out again 6 years later and it was like doing it for the first time.

S: If you were a WWE wrestler, what would your theme song be?

A: Since I'm first with the "Better Know a Contributor," can I claim "It's Raining Men"? I mean, I know half the other gay boys are going to want it, but it's mine, Marys!

S: What book should every Projector read?

A: Eric Marcus's Making Gay History. There's enough internal community politics on this site that having a solid background in our movement's history wouldn't hurt.

S: Be honest . . . online or video porn?

A: Online. I travel way too much to carry around a video collection, but I'm always online. Seriously, some days I spend all day in front of the computer except when I go to eat. Sometimes I notice that it's 7 PM and I haven't even showered yet because I've just been working the internet. So internet porn is just makes sense.

S: Favorite late night snack?

A: Coffee or diet coke. Sometimes I do both and have cappuccino-flavored diet coke. Either way, I have no concept of late nights anymore. I keep my computer on Eastern time to follow TBP properly but my cell phone six hours ahead on local time. So "late night" is a bizarre concept to me - it's either late night somewhere or not late night elsewhere, or something like that. My eating habits follow accordingly.

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Bil followed me over and realized that I wrote better than he does so he did the next best thing to copying me - he co-opted me.

That is why I'm in management. :)

He is one of the funniest people I know and I miss being able to sit around talking dirty with him now that he lives in France. If you've never heard Alex's laugh, then you really haven't lived.

He calls me from France to talk dirty, Serena. Well, he talks business and I talk dirty, but - hey - I keep trying. He laughs a lot, so I think I'm doing okay. :)

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 13, 2008 11:06 PM

The Strand Magazine, May 1904

"The Return of Sherlock Holmes"

...On this particular evening Lestrade had spoken of the weather and the newspapers. Then he had fallen silent, puffing thoughtfully at his cigar. Holmes looked keenly at him.

"Anything remarkable on hand? he asked.

"Oh, no, Mr. Holmes, nothing very particular."

"Then tell me about it."

Lestrade laughed.

"Well, Mr. Holmes, there is no used denying that there is something on my mind. And yet it is such an absurd business that I hesitated to bother you about it. On the other hand, although it is trivial, it is undoubtededly queer and I know that you have a taste for all that is out of the common."

"Boxers or Briefs?" asked Holmes.

"Mr. Holmes, it is nothing like your adventures on the waterfront opium dens."

"Well spill then, Lestrade"

"It is about this strange young man of peculiarly irregular habits who dissapears into his small room in the south of France for days on end and the only results we find in our inquiries is an immense amount of online video porn consumed with cognac."

Holmes turned to me with that light in his eyes I had come to know only meant one thing. He was on the scent to a new adventure. My heart fluttered at anticipation of this new quest.

"Watson, don't forget the needle, we must immediately go to France and get to the bottom of this young man!"

As still sensitive affairs of state, and several royal houses are involved in the outcome of this sigularly satisfying case, I must decline to comment any further of it's particulars until I am permitted to do so by Holmes.

robert, that was delightful! and you didn't even once say "elementary". and alex teaches that...i think. just to say it, i love you alex... you are not the average fellow!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 14, 2008 2:45 AM

"Elementary my dear Watson" was never written by Arthur Conan Doyle, but was a staple of the wonderful movie shorts starring Basil Rathbone.

As to Alex, I know nothing of the man other than that he has a compressed right index finger, lives in a tiny room, smells of cognac, has an infectious laugh, dresses in an erratic manner, exhaustably (and selflessly) indulged in French Culture foreign and domestic, and usually sports poorly shined shoes.

Seriously, congrats on your hard work in all levels of your life. To be a teacher is a miraculous thing if done well and I am sure you do so.

Damn you, Alex, for taking "It's raining men"!!

Now what will I answer?? I guess I could still use "I am woman hear me roar"...