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Better Know a Contributor: Sara Whitman

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Editor's Note:You've seen Steven Colbert's "Better Know a Lobbyist," but our version is so much gayer! Each weekend, we spotlight a different TBP contributor.

Today's victim is Sara Whitman, who writes for Suburban Lesbian Housewife, The Huffington Post, Mombian, and Family Pride, in addition to writing for TBP and raising three boys! How does she find the time? I asked Sara six questions. Follow me after the jump to read her answers.

1. How did you get roped into writing for TBP?

Bil hunted me down from my pieces on Huffington Post and asked me to be a contributor. it's been great. Who knew there were gay people in Indiana?

2. What was your coming out experience like?

Ugh. Not so good. I knew I was a lesbian when I was about fifteen years old, and back in the old days, there wasn't a vast internet out there to connect with. I was certain I was the only lesbian in the small upstate New York town I lived in. Boy, was I wrong. I kept it to myself and the few girls that liked to make out in private as long as nothing was ever said about it later on or to their boyfriends. I planned on figuring out what it meant when I got to college- and far far away from home.

Before my senior year in college, my mother came to visit where I was living and asked me, casually one night as we were watching the Olympic USA women's volleyball team lose (anyone remember Flo Hyman?) are you a lesbian? I paused way too long. She was not happy. After a fairly painful night, she left the house and told me I was "disowned." That's WASP for I never want to see you again and there will be no place at the dinner table set at Thanksgiving.

Over time, and with a lot of gay men who became her friends, she lightened up. She hated all my girlfriends until I met my wife. The funny thing is, as a parent, I keep having to come out, over and over again. Two of my kids play baseball. I just went last weekend and met the coaches. I'm one of Zachary's moms... I'm one of Jake's moms... over and over and over again.

3. If you were in your favorite musical, which character would you most like to be?

Tony in West Side Story. It was one of the first plays I ever saw as a kid, and I loved it. I wanted to be that cool, but sensitive. Tough enough to rumble and what a great jacket. Besides, who wouldn't want Natalie Wood to fall in love with you?

4. What book should every Projector read?

Mine, when it's published. Seriously, the one book I have read over and over again is MFK Fisher's "The Art of Eating." It's a little about food, but mostly about love and passion for cooking and food. It's about relationships and meals. Gin and caviar never sounded so sexy as when she writes about it.

5. Best thing about being a mom?

The best time is when the boys fall asleep on the couch watching a baseball game and it's summertime. The windows are open, there is a little breeze and their faces are so soft and open. When they are infants, you can stare at them for long periods of time, without caution. Mine are older now, so it's a time when I can stare again, without a "WHAT?" in response.

The best thing about being a parent is watching these unique human beings grow from eating/pooping/sleeping blobs into almost as tall as you being who say, "WHAT?" every time you look at them for more than a minute.

6. Favorite late night snack?

Cereal. I love Cheerios the best, Life is second, and I'll deal with Special K in a pinch. I love a bowl of cereal with milk. Period. Nothing else.

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Thanks for this Serena!
Also, glad to see that I am not the only Lesbian who snacks on Special K

Sara has one of my favorite blogs too - Suburban Lesbian Housewife is a riot and a treat. Her photography is stunning and her personal stories about home life are a personal favorite. I have one section of my RSS feeds marked off separately that I check compulsively to see if any have updated. I call it simply "Favorites" and SLH is definitely in that section.

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | April 27, 2008 7:58 PM

Whenever Bil and I talk about the bloggers on the blog who have came around since the project went larger than Indiana, Sara always surfaces as one of our favorites. I hope someday to be able to capture the daily in my writing as artfully as she does.

Sara loves West Side Story! Whoo!

I already told Sara this when I interviewed her, but I'm so excited that she mention MFK Fisher as a must read. That lady was way ahead of her time. And who doesn't love reading about food?

We heart you, Sara!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 28, 2008 4:13 AM

I'll take my gin frozen, hold the caviar. Thanks Sara!

Cathy Renna Cathy Renna | April 28, 2008 9:06 AM

Sara is a greta example of how to integrate your real life (as a Mom) with her political activism. There is nothing I like better than a quick wit, so damn the West Side Story and the cereal, that is i my favorite thing about her....