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Eddie Murphy To Transition

Filed By Monica Roberts | April 01, 2008 2:30 PM | comments

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Eddie Murphy stunned a just concluded press conference by announcing that he would begin a gender transition on Monday.

"I can no longer suppress the beautiful woman that's been dying to get out and that my career has kept from blossoming," the actor said.

Eddie has played multiple characters over the years in various movies, with some of them being female..

"One of the things that has kept me sane is being able to play those roles," he said.

He was embraced at the conclusion of the press conference by LA Times sportswriter Christine Daniels and Alexis Arquette, who Murphy sought out as coming out mentors for their expertise in dealing with high profile transitions..

He revealed that he's had secret consultations with several LA area plastic surgeons over the last two months and a renowned surgeon that specializes in SRS. He also revealed that he hasn't yet begun the name change process, but will do so in the near future.

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Simultaneously, Universal Studios announced the green-lighting of their next science fiction box-office smash hit, "Petunia Nash".

They're also in discussions for the next movie, "Transgender Day Care", which stars the newly transitioned Ms. Murphy trying to conduct a civilized meeting with a group of WBT's

And for his next trick, he'll try to transition 'Best Defense' and 'Norbit' - each from lame to funny.

True woman don't identify as being born transsexual. They do however, smoke the same cigarette as me.

Murphy also denied the National Enquirer report that he directed the plastic surgeons to make his femme facial features resemble either Tracey Edmonds, his ex-wife Nicole or ex-girlfriend Whitney Houston

You forgot to mention that Eddie was also found with a trans hooker a while back. He was not paying her for services, but getting information for his future transition.

Another 8, AirMonica. You did 3 postings, with a total of 18, so that averages 6 per posting. Not bad.

Gee, finally a Trans-Celebrity who is, in fact, a celebrity! With O'Winfrey on the slides with her spouse we could see a teaming of the duo and every show could be a Jerry Springer re-run of tranny circus....... Oh, too much, no matter how you view the trans' it is made to be a joke.