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Gay Wired mentions Bil

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Bil posted this morning about TBP's mention in tech mag Wired, and I can't let his mention in Gay Wired go unnoticed. Two-L Bill gets mentioned in a list of bloggers who've helped expand LGBT media, along with TBP contributors Mike Rogers and Pam Spaulding. The blockquote's after the jump.

Via Pam:

With the corresponding rise in the anti-gay industry and firebrands like Reverends Falwell and Robertson, as well as Gary Bauer, Jim Dobson and groups that profited mightily from anti-gay polemics, gay media helped spawn a modest herd of determined investigators and talented writers in the '80s and '90s.

This crop of journalists, writers and political observers included the late Randy Shilts, Chris Bull, Lisa Keen, Eric Marcus, Hastings Wyman, Bob Roehr, Paul Varnell, Karen Ocamb, Mike Signorile, Mark Segal, Tracy Baim, Andy Humm, Ann Northrop, Rick Rosendall, Dale Carpenter and a handful of others.

Some of these established voices continue today, and are joined by online bloggers, editors and columnists who are picking up cross-over steam now, including Pam Spaulding, John Aravosis, Kerry Eleveld, Duane Wells, Bill Browning, Kevin Naff, Donna Rose, Sue O'Connell, Chris Crain, Andy Towle, Jason Bellini, Mike Rogers, Jennifer Venasco and others.

And some are equally well respected national voices in the mainstream political and cultural spectrum-on air, print and online-including Rachel Maddow, Dudley Clendinen, Gail Shister, Adam Nagourney, Hilary Rosen, Keith Boykin, Jonathan Capehart, Charlie Kaiser, Deb Price, Jonathan Rauch and Andrew Sullivan.

Long ago, homosexuality was once notoriously declared "the love that dare not speak its name." Fortunately, now we're shouting it from the rooftops with broadband connections and satellite dishes. What exactly has happened these past 30 years, and why do gay voices and sensibilities and political opinions reach more eyes and ears?

Simple. Our deep-held interests and our own lives are far more visible, knowable, reachable and consequential. We matter. Gay and lesbian audiences and voters insist on taking part in all political food fights, on air rumbles, in print and in cyberland. And we can't get it fast enough.

Last year, for instance, Jupiter Research reported that 74% of gay online users have broadband, compared with 65% of heterosexuals-more significantly, the LGBT readership spend more time online per week on average (20 hours) compared to their straight counterparts (averaging 15 hours). Fifty-six percent of us chatted online compared with 30% of heterosexuals. In our own partnered research with Harris Interactive, this year we find that gays and lesbians also are reading more blogs. And one out of four LGBT adults online say they read political blogs.

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Thanks Alex! I missed that so far!

It's only fair to mention the other contributors listed in that piece though... There are 6 of us here on the Project!

Pam Spaulding
Mike Rogers
Karen Ocamb
Eric Marcus
and Donna Rose

I'm honored to be in such great company.

Bil is such a media hound... Can I get the number for your publicist? :)

congrats, bil. hard work pays off. I'm proud to be a contributor.