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I Get Mail - the White Power! edition

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I feel the need to respond to this e-mail from yesterday:

Message: I used to love getting your daily e-mail but just unsubscribed. You're just beating the Black issue to death. I'm sympathetic to the causes of all minorities but as a White person (and transsexual) enough is enough. Perhaps you could have an "All Black All The Time" mailing for people hung up on Black issues and a "Black as Appropriate" for the rest of the GLBT community.

Dear "Some of my best friends are Black,"

Thanks for writing! We try to present a quality product appropriate for all races except for Eskimos. (You can't trust them.) We wouldn't want a reader to be unhappy. You went one step above and didn't just unsubscribe, you e-mailed and told us why! It's refreshing to see someone just lay it all out there - all cards on the table.

Looking back, I can grasp your point. A whopping 15% of posts on our front page (6 out of 35 when you wrote Friday night) were about racial issues. I'm not sure if Jessica Hoffmann's post on the women's conference was really a post about "Black," but I'm sure she won't mind if we include her for illustration purposes. After all, I'm counting Stormy's comic strip. Fifteen percent is, obviously, an overwhelming majority.

Out of the six "Black" posts, three were about Dr. Martin Luther King. Of course, it was the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination when you wrote, but you're right. "Enough is enough." If we celebrate one dead black guy killed by a white man, soon they'll all want federal holidays. Am I right?!

Even more outrageous, some of the contributors were actually black themselves! This is obviously an oversight on our part. We'll be moving them to our soon to be announced "All Black All the Time" blog immediately. Thanks for giving us the idea!

In conclusion, someone of your sophisticated and diverse pallate will appreciate other fine sites that aren't "beating the Black issue to death" like we have been. Perhaps you'll find them more suitable reading. I'd recommend:

Appropriately White,


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Wow. That's really all I can say.

"Beating the Black issue to death"?? ugh.

I guess that means we have to start an "All (insert minority) all the time" site for everyone... Oh wait; we ARE a minority-based site... I guess just not "exclusive" enough for this reader.

Good Riddance...

Nice suggestions for new reading, Bil. LOL...


'sigh' And people wonder why we STILL have a race problem in this country?

You can't solve it if one side is in denial that it exists.

Hmm you sure they trans Bil?Most WP types I know aint to thirlled with me and yeah im white.There not exactly the warm fuzzy kind of folks a few could care less what you are as long as you stay in ya place ya hear. Then again I got a few who treat me like there pet weird friend that only they can mess with.
Go figure

Carry on

Ps for those not in the know the WPWW has repalced the Kaln and the Nazis but keep all eyes on them and watch ya back around them.

Why can't I ever think of a response as witty and articulate as that when I get frustrating email?

Probably because 90% of it comes from my family.

Great post.

That was the most annoying part of this - it came on the anniversary of dr. king's assassination.

I'm still hung up on the phrase "Black issue". Wow.

*Shakes head sadly.*

Ummmmm, yeah . . . Who was this Martin King fellow, anyway? I've never heard of him before, so why should I care if he got shot by a white guy. He was probably trying to break into the dude's house and homeboy was just defending himself, right?

You know what we need . . . an "all NKOTB all the time" blog! Oh wait, this is already starting to turn into one. My bad!

diddlygrl | April 6, 2008 7:06 PM

Even trannies can be bigots, sometimes even to their own.

John R. Selig | April 6, 2008 7:36 PM

Thanks for posting this Bil. This brings several thoughts to mind.

I came out at the age of 37 in 1990 and was shocked at the amount of prejudice against LGBT people. At that time I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to make life better for the next gay generation. Since that time I have been a gay activist and a writer and photographer who has chronicled what I have seen. Currently I am producing a podcast called John Selig Outspoken ( that features LGBT opinion leaders and role models. We all need role models and few gay folks don't have any growing up. Gay people come from all other minorities be it race, religious preference, nationality, etc.

One thing that has bothered me since coming out is that although that we all face prejudice because of our sexual orientation or gender identity and yet the prejudice that I have seen from members of our community place on others because of their gender, age, religious preference and national origin (not to mention not being straight acting) has sickened me. One would think that anybody who experiences hate wouldn't turn around and pass it on to others.

Secondly, I believe that if I fight only for my rights then I don't deserve them. When a Black person experiences hate and discrimination that it is my responsibility to stand up for them. The only hope that people who face discrimination is that different groups must build bridges and stick up for each other. The family of James Byrd Jr. could have had a hate crime bill signed into law much faster if it didn't cover sexual orientation as well as race. Byrd, a Black man had been drug behind a pick-up truck until he died. They held out for a more inclusive bill before they supported it.

"Some of my best friends are Black" doesn't deserve the rights that we have won in the gay community. I only wish you had shared his email address. However, I do understand the need at times to protect the guilty!

@John: Usually I print the e-mail address and person's name. This time I left her name off of it. She'll know who she is. (If she's still reading the site since she unsubscribed!)

Ethan Pleshe | April 7, 2008 2:28 AM

Well said. I couldn't have said it better. It saddens me also that people who are discriminated against can't see how others are discriminated against and build bridges on that. In my opinion, sadly we have a long way to go to the "promised land."

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 7, 2008 9:37 AM

I hope that others read my comment following the posting on Bilerico Indiana following Obama's remarks on the "birthday" as I call it, of Martin Luther King. This horror is why we need to remember that 99.5% of the genome is identical.

Hahahaha! PWN'D!

You were more polite than I'd have been, dear. And you got me to laugh on a Monday which is not an easy task.

My two cent's worth: I think if bigots feel uncomfortable reading this blog, it's a good thing. We are a diverse group, and I don't think we can expect equality, justice and acceptance and deny these to others. This is precisely why the GLBT movement is tied in so closely with the feminist and other civil rights movements. We're all in this together folks.