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I've decided to say what I mean succinctly from now on

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 01, 2008 4:03 PM | comments

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Tags: April Fool's, Sally Kern

Man that Sally Kern is dumb.

Haha, no such luck. I'll be back to 2000 word posts tomorrow.

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Damn you, April Fool's Day!! You had my hopes up!

Now THAT is the best April Fools Joke on the site today. I knew you had to be kidding. :)

Alex with an 18-word post (minus the title?) Yep, this has to be April 1st. Good going. It's a 9. Good things come in small packages.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 1, 2008 10:35 PM

I first checked out my window to see if it was raining flaming cats before opening. It is April 2nd in Thailand. Having read your postings with interest I can vouchsafe that the likelihood of your being succinct (note spelling) is much less than the likelihood of your licentious, liberal, loquacious, libelous, lambasts against fools, frauds, fiends and those who do not twice invite you to dinner to teach them English.... Happy April Fools Alex!

those who do not twice invite you to dinner to teach them English

Seriously, worse than Fred Phelps. He's never stood me up.

Be careful what you promise, Alex, it takes a lot of thought and concentration to be consistently succinct.

For example, if discussing Sally Kern, or so many other notorious people, how's this for a succinct post?:


(P.S. I would have used “Asshole!” ... it's more universally applicable and carries less risk of being seen as sexist, but it has two more letters ... and besides, I happen to like assholes ...)