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Obama Brushes Clinton Dirt Off His Shoulder

Filed By Michael Crawford | April 18, 2008 11:30 AM | comments

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Hillary Clinton has tried her damnedest to tar and feather Barack Obama with Karl Rove-like smears. But Barack just ain't having it.

After the appalling ABC debate on Wednesday in which it seemed that Clinton, George Stephanoupolis and Charles Gibson were in a tag team effort to catch Barack in on of those "gotcha" moments that that cynics love so much, Barack reminded his supporters that sometimes you just gotta brush that dirt off your shoulders.

Anyone familiar with Jay-Z's classic song Dirt Off Your Shoulder will know exactly what he means.

Now, in the new school of politics where grassroots energy and involvement trumps top down high priced consultants like Clinton strategist Mark Penn, Bill3948 created this mashup of Jay-Z songs, Clinton attacks and Barack's response.

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The more shade and falsehoods that Hillary throws, the more people she'll turn off.

She's lost my sister and my mother, who were supporting her back in January.

A potential 28 years of the presidency being controlled by the Bush and Clinton families is not acceptable.

Time for a new direction.

I though it was funny that Clinton is attacking him now for saying the press was out to get him when it was just a few debates ago that she was quoting Saturday Night Live to passive-aggressively say the press was too hard on her.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 19, 2008 7:42 AM

I think that it is amazing that Bill Clinton's former communications director "steffie" did not refuse to be in this debate at all. True, he has had his run ins with Hillary in the past too, AND he was out of the White House by the time of Monica, but hey, this is ABC not FOX,

I could not see this debate from Thailand as the ABC network is not available to me here, but it strikes me as so bizarre that news people could waste so much precious airtime on drivel before getting to substance.

I wish Bob Schieffer had been there to "bitch slap" some sence into these supposed moderators of a "debate."