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Queer Important Day open thread

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The other editors and I got into an interesting email discussion about the important queer dates to remember on the calendar, like National Coming Out Day and Transgender Day of Remembrance. We were trying to get a comprehensive list together of days to remember for this site, and, well, we're turning to the readers for some help to make this list complete.

What days are important for LGBT people?

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I ought to put up the list Serena put together:

February - Black History Month
March - Women's History Month
April 25 - Day of Silence
May 22 - Harvey Milk's B-Day
June 28 - 30 - Stonewall Riots
October - LGBT History Month and Chicano History Month
October 10 - National Coming Out Day
October 12 - Matthew Shepard died
November - Transgender Day of Remembrance

Is TDOR always on the 20 of Nov.?

Milk's birthday seems a little random.

None of these are specifically queer, but certainly impact various members of the queer community.

September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
May - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
December 1 - World AIDS Day
April/May (varies) - Holocaust Remembrance Day (


Yes, TDOR is always Nov 20, but some localities may shift the date plus or minus a few to accomodate weekends when more folks may be able to gather, avoid Thansksgiving, etc.

Milk's birthday does seem a bit random to me, but we do celebrate MLK's birthday and other Presidents' birthdays.

However, his assassination seems less random and think it deserves to be remembered.

November 27, 1978.

Transgender Day of Remembrance first began on Nov 28th, which was the day Rita Hester was murdered and African-American trans woman in 1998.

It has since shifted to Nov 20, as to not conflict with Thanksgiving. Nov 20th is also the day that Chanelle Picket was murdered in 1995, another African-American trans woman from Boston.

I give this background because often people mention Matthew Shepard, but very few mention Rita Hester, who was killed a little more than a month after him. The media coverage her death was exceptionally disrespectful and there was no national outcry (or hate crime act named after her) about her murder, which is still unsolved, as many trans murders are.

I agree on Milk's birthday. He's not up there with Lincoln. :) Assassination date is a much better reminder - same as Matthew Shepard's death.

World AIDS Day has to make the list.

What about the day they found Judy Garland slumped over dead on her toilet? Should we throw a party? What would you wear?

Compton's Cafeteria Riots - August ?? ,1966
San Francisco, California

My belief is that the day to remember is,"TODAY".Right now is all that there is,and focusing on a past or future day distracts you from what is happening right now,and it has taken me 60 years to realize this truth.