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RuPaul Hospitalized After Being 'Drop Squaded'

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RuPaul was admittted to a New York psychiatric hospital after being found on a Manhattan street corner repeatedly singing James Brown's "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud), wearing an Afro wig, black leather with a black beret and claiming he'd been 'drop squaded.'

'Drop squaded' refers to a 1994 Spike Lee movie in which sellout African-Americans are kidnapped, taken to a secret location and through various methods are reminded of their ethnicity, history and coached to have pride in themselves.

They were only thought to be a fictional group, but with the recent comments of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the rumors of the real time existence of the Drop Squad have only gone stronger.

A videotaped message left at a New York television station confirmed the group exists and claimed responsibility for the RuPaul and Condoleezza Rice 'reprogrammings'.
They also warned other 'sellout' African-Americans that they would face the same fate.

RuPaul has earned the ire of GLBT African-Americans over the years with his lonely and unwavering support for Chuck Knipp. Knipp's Shirley Q. Liquor character is considered insulting by many GLBT people of color and RuPaul has lost credibility in the African-American community for supporting him. Knipp released a statement on his website that expresssed his hopes for a speedy recovery for RuPaul..

The security was increased around Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas in response to the Drop Squad's threat and copies of the tape were forwarded to the FBI and Homeland Security.

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Wow, I like Rupaul. I'm slow i just had my hair perm and colored. So if this is a joke it is funny...If it is not OMG and who are those people?

Rent the movie 'DROP Squad' and all shall be made clear to you.

Later, gotta go to my local DROP squad chapter meeting.

LOL! They're going after Clarence Thomas next.

Now, this was a good one. I give it an 8, the best so far. Too, too funny.

Clarence Thomas? I thought his name was anathema...

He is. If the DROP squad were real he'd be the first target.