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Taking one for the team

Filed By Bil Browning | April 01, 2008 9:00 AM | comments

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I have a confession to make. After Indiana Family Institute leader Ryan McCann asked me on a date last year, I admitted he was cute. One thing led to another and soon we were going to big gay gatherings together. We started finding reasons to run into each other or "have lunch."

Aprilfooljoke.jpgI can't deny our love any longer. Yesterday when Ryan snuck out of work to meet me at a bar, we had a long talk about our feelings. The time is right. Castigate me if you want, but I'm in love with a right wing nutjob.

His eyes. His smile. The way he makes me say the Apostles' Creed before we sample the "body of Christ." I play alter boy and he's the stern nun with a steel ruler. I have meth and he's Ted Haggard. I just can't hold it in any longer. I have to shout from the rooftops...

April Fools!

(And much thanks to Ryan for being a good sport and taking a picture with me in a bar. See? I didn't mention your drunken groping and awkward Larry Craig moment in the bathroom! *grins*)

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Lol...who says conservatives can't have a sense of humor?!? Bil, did you know that you are now an official member of the religious right?

you guys are going straight to hell. =p

Way to reach across the asile, Bil...

if it works for Mary Matalin and James Carville, why not you?

Hey - you have to admit... Ryan is a hottie for a right-wing nutjob. (He likes it when I call him that!)

I thought all of these posts were supposed to be a joke today. You sound pretty serious about your love affair to me.

Bil, this one is a 3 because I hold you to a higher standard. It ain't midnight, yet. Keep trying.