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thank you, brownfemipower

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thank you. thank you. thank you.

you are bigger and more beautiful and insightful and important and revelatory and warm and liberating and transcending than i can even begin to express in words.

wish i could give you a hug and cook a hot, colorful dinner for you.

i'm cooking for some local make/shift folks tomorrow night, and you'd better know there will be many a toast in your honor.


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brownfemipower is amazing. i toast (from afar) in her honor as well. She also posts occasionally on a health justice community blog that my sister and I created called Cure This where a post she wrote a little while back ("Deserving More") is still a site favorite and a feature.

My first post on The Bilerico Project and it's in praise of brownfemipower! Heh. Thanks to 'sad pony guerilla girl' on DailyKos for making me aware of this community. Back when I was actively looking for a queer community blog to be a part of, I hadn't found this one. Now I have. Thanks 'sad pony guerilla girl'.

From the other commentors, welcome nalin!

pull up a chair, put your feet up, just don't touch the china, Bil is kind of picky about that.

brownfemipower unites us all. and thank you thank you jessica hoffman, your essay this week -- On Prisons, Borders, Safety and Privilege: An Open Letter to White Feminists" was A-MAZ-ING. refreshing.

make/shift rocks. bilerico rocks. this is my first comment on this site too. i was turned on to it by my brother nalin (above commenter). jessica we're in LA too and we love make/shift and rad activism in LA. good to know you're here (on bilerico and in los angeles) :>

I'm glad you all jumped over here from DKos!

thanks, all, for your kind words.
i'm crying now, and shaking now, really sad and enraged and dizzy at what's happened, and feeling bereft at the blankness that is bfp's page. i have learned so much from her and been so inspired and more by her -- so many people have -- and she has been, just ... words are hard right now. i wish i didn't have a huge pile of to-dos weighing me down and could just go grieve and reflect and be quiet with this big bundle of feelings right now.
admiring bfp so much right now for knowing when to bow out and be somewhere better than a space that has indeed become gross, toxic ...
in the midst of that, it's nice to meet you, new friends.

ps (to those who are trying to e-mail me right now): i'm seeing your messages, and responding to them, but internet is down at my apartment and so i'm working from a cafe ... where i can't seem to send outgoing messages. please know that replies are being written, it just might be a while before they are sent. love, jess

What happened? There's nothing there.

that site no longer exists.
bfp has requested that we no longer engage in the fight about it, so i will refrain from offering a lengthy explanation.
simplest way to explain it, from my point of view: racism. in particular, the persistent racism of the dominant white feminist movement. i'm not going to go into it beyond that.

yes. what jessica said. and i truly hope that brownfemipower's saved her archives. i'm so moved on a daily basis by bfp's writings -- i'm unlearning and doing new learning constantly, with her work and the insight it gives me.

i'm feeling a sudden passion to write like my heart depends on it.