Sara Whitman

The Newest Obama Girl

Filed By Sara Whitman | April 01, 2008 11:30 AM | comments

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After carefully considering Eric Stern's hairdresser's dogsitter's official endorsement of Senator Obama last week- I have decided to give up supporting Senator Clinton for President.

I am not pleased with my decision but have been told once I actually drink the kool aid, everything feels much better. Colors will be brighter, the sun will be warmer, and if I move my hand slowly, I'll see traces. Mostly, I'm looking forward to no longer being hounded at every dinner conversation by my children who have been trying to convince me that I should be voting for Obama.

My first official piece of business is to put up a short dance video on my blog announcing my support. My "I've got a crush on Obama" tee shirt is not only tighter, it's wet. The campaign wanted a little cleavage and, well, now I'll do anything.

I understand I will be receiving a free calculator, too, pre-programmed to do delegate math.

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I suppose it's too much to hope for that you're the only one NOT doing an April Fools joke. ;)


I sooooo want to see that video with your wet t-shirt and free calculator. :) I'd pay to see that.

HAWTNESS! Why are you holding out on the video on TBP? Why do I have to click a link?

Sara, This one is a bit more believable, but not so much because of the day. I says it earns a 6.