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Wal-Mart Should Watch Who They Fire

Filed By Sara Whitman | April 10, 2008 8:50 PM | comments

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Oh, Wal-Mart. Will you never learn? After twenty years of hiring a small video company to video tape executive meetings and so forth, they fired Flagler Productions.

Without notice. Just like Wal-Mart, isn't it? But this time, according to Pride at Work, the little guy fought back. Flagler put all twenty years of tapes up for sale to the highest bidder.

And look what they found:

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I had to forward this on to my pals who work in the socially responsible investment field. I think more than their prices are going to go down...

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As Kat notes:

"I have to assume that, at some point, the video of the execs parading around in drag will be used against the corporation as proof of a hostile environment for trans employees."

I saw this on one of the news programs --- I think it was BBC on PBS --- and I thought it was hilarious!

I wonder if Wal-Mart will be firing a few lawyers in their legal department next?

But gosh, Everyone knows that men in dresses is funny!

Except after you have had sex with them, then it is "tranny panic" time.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 11, 2008 2:56 AM

Remembering that this was twelve years ago is helpful, but as a devoted Benny Hill fan (God rest her) and knowing that cross dressing is a staple of British comedy I think that it is logical to assume that these were just "some assholes from Arkansas" having a good time.

Yes, of course they discriminate. These fools would discriminate against people who don't have rifles on the back of their pickup trucks.

I just realized something.

"Flagler Productions"

Flagler and Flagler was the name of the law firm that Buck Loner used to try to rid himself of his niece...

Myra Breckinridge.

Schadentrannyfreude for Mart-Vader - and Gore Vidal was nowhere in sight.

When I said it was hilarious, I meant it is hilarious that Wal-Mart got sloppy with their legal agreements and got unexpectedly bitten in the ass by some little mom-and-pop company that they thought they could dismiss without second thought.

This little mom-and-pop production company is very similar economically to the thousands upon thousands of little mom-and-pop small businesses that Wal-Mart drives out of business in community after community. I hope the folks at this hole-in-the-wall production company sell enough Wal-Mart videos that they can retire in comfort.

The business executives in drag are not hilarious, merely boring. It's their embarrassment at seeing themselves thrusted into the international spotlight in their moment of being outsmarted that's hilarious.

It's nice to see an underdog fight back and win every once in a while.

I so agree AJ. Over 95% of the production company's business was Wal-MArt. It was a tiny operation.

And someone in Legal is getting fired, don't you think?

The execs in drag just point out the kind of culture that exists in that company.

lastly, why oh why when men dress as woman for fun do they go for the largest breasts possible? is it simply to cover the beer gut?

OK, can someone please tell these rednecks that if they're going to dress in drag, they at least need to have their boobs on straight? It's not that hard!

I'll bet more than a few attorneys are combing through that video catalog as well

OMG, honey pleeeze!!

Ya’ll are crazy if you’re acting like we don’t see this kind of misogyny passing as -- or constituting -- drag every damn night in gay bars around the country.


You know what though? Wal-Mart stuck up Arkansas hillbilly executives doing drag?

While I understand the misogyny inherent in the whole "men acting like women only not really" thing - I also have this tickle in the back of my head like Nick. Gay men do drag all the time. We have several cross-dressers who visit regularly - and honest-to-goodness trans folks? we have them by the dozen. "Men who act/dress/pretend to be women" are out there - both with misogynistic reasons and not.

Is it considered a positive development that these Ark yokels have "evolved" to the point where they can act like gay men, drag queens and trans folk instead of considering anything like dressing in the opposite sex's clothes to be degrading and insulting?

And what does it say that through 20 years of tapes the very first one to make it to YouTube and the media is the one where the execs do drag? Is it because that's still considered degrading for a man to pretend to be/actually be a woman? That the men are acting "gay?"

I don't have answers - and I'm not trying to argue anything. I'm a classic Libra - trying to see all sides. These are just some of the thoughts rattling around in my head right now.

Bil, I think the reason the first one that hit youtube is both the sensationalist image of these guys in dresses- but hello, straight guys go for the dresses every halloween and have since I was a kid- but also because they ahve the LARGEST lawsuit in HISTORY for gender discrimination.

they are in the courts right now about this.

so, I think sure, there is some of that ooo, guys in dresses anti-gay stuff going on, but it is also a fairly interesting peek at upper managements behavior for the lawsuit.

and I still don't get the most enormous breasts they can manage.