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Now that North Carolina and my neighbors across the Ohio in Indiana have cast their ballots, the scene shifts down I-64 to West Virginia. But I'm getting geared up for some increased Obama (and Clinton) sightings in Kentucky leading up to our May 20 primary.

Obama campaign headquarters opened up a month ago on the edge of downtown not too far from my house. I've already visited it to pick up my bumper stickers, buttons and shirts.

One thing that is a better predictor of how a candidate will run their White House is how they run their campaigns. Brother Bill's was brilliant with bimbo eruptions and that was what we got when he was in the White House. George W. Bush's was a bait and switch amoral one full of Orwellian terms such as 'compassionate conservatism' and Republican-only photo ops, and that's what we got after he stole two elections.

Based on what I'm seeing from the Obama campaign, he's gonna be one heck of a president.

I accidentally discovered just how organized the Obama campaign was when I followed Dawn to a fencing tournament at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. I picked up a copy of the student newspaper and discovered there was a full-page Obama ad on Page 2 of it reminding students that the deadline to register to vote for the primary was coming on April 21. EKU is not the largest school in the state either, so I don't doubt that the same ad appeared in UK and U of L's papers as well as other college papers across the state.

Obama commercials are starting to run on local radio and television, and when I wore my Obama button to the Derby party last weekend to guage reaction in our GLBT community as to which candidate they preferred, I had five people ask me if I had any more Obama buttons on me. I see far more Obama yard signs and bumper stickers on cars than I do Hillary ones.

It's looking more and more like we in Kentucky will get a say in this campaign, but after the 14 point North Carolina beatdown Sen. Obama administered and the narrow win for Sen Clinton in Indiana, this race is just about over and history was made last night. Sen. Obama will be our party's nominee. Hillary can't catch him, she's losing superdelegates, she's running on financial fumes and even the Louisville Courier-Journal, the largest paper in the state, endorsed Sen. Obama. My congressman, John Yarmuth, is a superdelegate already committed to Obama along with Rep. Ben Chandler Only Gov. Beshear and our Dem party chair are waiting for the election results before they commit.

May 20 can't get here fast enough for me, if Hillary's still in the race after West Virginia and hasn't faced reality. If she hasn't conceded by then, I'll be in line bright and early at my precinct at 6 AM EDT to cast my ballot for Sen. Obama.

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Could you please stop talking about Obama? This site is too black as it is.

(putting on black beret and raising clenched fist)

Power to the people, baby!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 9, 2008 4:16 AM

Monica Dear, are you a Luuville girl? I have had great fun in Louisville. Including learning how the locals pronounce the name of their "Queen City." Make History!

Should I pack up the camera and drop by Louisville to film you voting too? :) We DO need to hang out sometime soon, love. You're only a couple hours away; we could split the difference and meet in Columbus or Seymour. (I think we'd both live if we chose Columbus during the day!)

That we do, Bil.

When were done in Columbus or Seymour I can hit the outlet malls there ;)