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Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Filed By Michele O'Mara | June 02, 2008 10:00 AM | comments

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In honor of Blogging for LGBT Families Day I'm going to share one of my favorite true stories about a day in the life in our neighborhood.

My partner and I live in a suburb of Indy where our little family of four pretty much constitutes the diversity to be found around here.

It's no mystery here in the hood that we are a 2 mom household. We certainly don't keep it a secret though I'm not entirely sure what the neighbors actually tell their children about us. At least once a week, our dear little 5 year old neighbor will find her way over to our house (usually timing it just right so that she rings the doorbell as both boys have just succeeded to nap) asking if they can play.

At some point during her visit she will typically ask the same old question over and over and over again, as if something magical will happen and suddenly it will all make sense to her. In a recent visit she started again with, "Now," clarifying, "You are Mitch and Cam's mom, right?" Replying with the obvious, I say, "Yes." With a wrinkled forehead, and a brain clearly searching for data that has not yet been imported, she then says, "And so is she?" pointing to my partner Teresa. Again, I respond with "Yes."

So you can imagine my concern when the other day I hear her say to my son Mitchell, "You have two moms, right?" And with a little bit of irritation in his voice he quips, "No! I don't have two moms." Clearly confused, and surely now believing that we are not only aliens, but we are also liars, the little girl just looks at Mitch with confusion, as do I. When finally he sets the record straight (well, not entirely straight) for everyone by saying, "I have one Mama, and one Mommy." Phew. I think she understands now.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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Gotta love the kids. They always say it just the right way! :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story Michele! Are you the Mama or Mommy?

If you've ever seen the twins, you'd know how cute they are to start with! This makes Mitch adorable! :)