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"God Killed Him For Loving Fags"

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He later collapsed at my feet. The Christian protesters cursed him. More after the flip.

I was front and center at San Francisco's City Hall today, on a photo assignment for The Bilerico Project and IN La Magazine.

There were maybe a tad under a thousand people outside City Hall and maybe a dozen who were anti-gay protesters. They were very course and ugly individuals.

One gentleman, a supporter dressed head to toe in leather, was playing his guitar and suddenly dropped like a tree at my feet, before I could bend down to check his pulse, cops swarmed the guy and started CPR. They were very professional.

Sadly, I think he might have died. They resuscitated him for 20 minutes and he did not respond. They started an IV of 1 liter of saline and gave him O2. About 10 minutes in, he swallowed and kinda of coughed and the crowd cheered.

It was so quick. He just fell. Within minutes he was ashen and grey.

At this point I was crying like a child - and yes, I did take a pic of the guy who gave me sympathy hugs. The guitar player was so happy and joyful and he just dropped - reminded me of Tim Russert.

One of the Christian protesters (pictured below) was chanting at his body - "Satan Got You!" "What is the Devil whispering in your ear about now?"

I yelled at the guy, "If you are such a Christian, why aren't you praying for the guy dying on the concrete?" The protester replied, "God killed him for loving fags!!" The cops even stepped in and told the guy to shut his mouth.

I have no idea what the ultimate fate of the guitar player is. I have high hopes he will live to sing another day.

Click HERE for the entire photoset and highlighted pictures.

Update: This priest was in the crowd yesterday and reported the guitar player was breathing when they put him in the ambulance. So that is good news.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 17, 2008 9:51 AM

That such irrational hate still survives and cannot be extinguished is unfathomable. What kind of failure is this fool that he has to try and denigrate someone ill on the sidewalk? Also, it speaks to the horrible violence of Christianity as a solution historically. There is more blood on the hands of Christians than any other religion. They have the arrogance to define goodness and worthiness in others by their own standards.


That's Christian compassion on display. I'm sure Christ is proud of his follower.

I wish bigoted people like that man would see how far they are from ever being "Christian." There is nothing "Christian" about hate.

They are not true followers of Christ. Jesus never hated anyone, and since He is the Son of God, then God also doesn't hate anyone either. It's like the big oil companies hiding behing the oil producing companies and making excuses, saying they are not at fault for the gas prices, yet they rake in record profits. The haters hide behind the Bible to justify their hate, and hate groups rake in record donations.

I meant "oil producing countries."

1900+ years of history confirm this individual is as true a christian as there is.

There is a significant difference between those who call themselves christians and being Christ-like.

I cannot recall ever meeting a Christ-like christian but I have known many Christ-like Pagans....go figure.

What a weird story.

I can't believe haters like that still exist!

Believe it Alex, your life may literally depend on believing it at some point.

Me?....I long for the pre-Bush days when bigots were still ashamed to show their bigotry.

Yes, as Cathryn indicates, haters like that exist. I've seen plenty. There's nothing particularly Christian about them, that's just how they justify their hatred. They call themselves Christians, but they are really rednecks.

TampaZeke | June 17, 2008 3:28 PM

The mainstream media should most definitely report on this story.

I have no doubt that such displays of hate would make some of those supporting the amendment on religious grounds take a second look at what side they're taking and with whom they share a faith and opinion.

This "Christians" are not followers of Christ.

They are followers of a "religion" and the far right of ALL RELIGIONS has always be controlled by evil - in a theme they could understand - they have been misled into following evil, following Satan himself.

You are right - a real Christian would have kneeled and prayed. This folks are demon filled.
Why do you think they toss out that claim onto others.

Evil always tries to appear as righteous... to gain power and followers. Hilter told the masses that followed him that he was a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN and CATHOLIC. Evil does not change.

What a disgusting display. Hate is so disturbing and pathetic. This is a display of evil-like "Christians" ... I hope the man is alright.

Sportin' Life | June 17, 2008 6:53 PM

A suggestion:

If you've got the motivation, circulate that photo, post links on other blogs, etc. and try to find someone who recognizes him. If you can match a name to the face, and you can verify the identification, immortalize him with another post and thereby permanently tag the asshole with his hate speech on Google.

It's curious when you see a homophobe groom himself in a rather gay manner - as in his gay-looking contemporary sideburns and gay-looking contemporary haircut. Awfully fashion-sensitive for a bible-beating gay-basher.

The variant of the "God hates fags" line tells me that you didn't encounter just a "Christian", but one of the most vile slime to be found anywhere: a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. They're horrendously annoying, but no one takes them seriously. You can see a couple of photos from my encounter with them here.

battybattybats battybattybats | June 18, 2008 5:48 AM

The problem is they don't have any imaginary issues to chase after any more.

Once it was horror comic books and movies. Then it was the evils of Dungeons and Dragons. After that there were 'satanic-panic' child-sacrifice conspiracies everywhere (and this one is really horrible because without a shred of real evidence, just carefully coached chidrens testimony a lot of innocent people were imprisoned!).

Nope the phantoms have all faded and they have lost the evolution fights again and again. Plenty of other christian groups have managed to reconcile faith and science but fundamentalism can't do that. Even the Intelligent Design conspiracy was busted wide open with the wedge document and has become an utter farce.

They have realised that they are really under threat. Lots of other religions are growing, atheists are speaking out, all their special privileges are being eroded as other people gain shreds of equality.

So they are panicked and desperate. The cash-cow of millenial christianity loaded with privilege and discrimination is in dire threat. This has been their great push to roll back the advances of civil rights, tolerance, equality etc.

To them their world is coming to an end and they have started to realise how close that is.

Christianity can easilly survive these social changes. But fundamentalism can't.

What these protesters are doing in California has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

They are simply venting hatred because they are consumed by it. If they weren't hating LGBT persons, they would find another "them" to hate.

By hating others, it gives tham a sense of control and allows them to feel superior. After all, God hates gays, and so they do, too. They are helping God.

I don't think so.

I believe that God created each of us to be exactly who we are - some gay, some straight; sone cisgender, some transgender - for HIS purpose. When we aren't allowed to be who we are we are going against God's plan for us.

Hatred is not a part of that plan. If we are truly spiritual persons, by the very definition of spirituality, we are also loving persons. The protesters know nothing about spirituality.

Christianity has become a religion of Hate. They worship the Devil, not Jesus.

It is the perversion of Christianity that preaches hatred rather than the true message of Christ who taught about loving one another.

Just as a blanket condemnation of Islam is not correct for the actions of some extremists, so too is a blanket condemnation of Christianity wrong for the same reason.

There are some in our community who are very spiritual persons, and those people and their beliefs aren't the problem. It's the radical extremists who misuse their faiths for power
and control who are the bad guys here.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 19, 2008 8:26 AM

As I begin to write this Obama is on CNN talking about being a Christian again.

Pick up a copy of "Misquoting Jesus, The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why" written by Dr. Bart D. Ehman, chair of the Department of Religion at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The bible is a royal political manifesto. I was a church lector, I went on Trappist retreats, I struggled and came through to the other side with the belief that the act of being kind to one's fellow human makes me a happier person. If there is a God at the end of the time when electricity ceases to crackle through my brain I am ready to justify my life and actions. If there is no God I have lived a happy and full life and encourage all others to do so.

Believe or not, but know the History of the institution you worship.

The reality is his freedom of speech holds true for hate against gay people. If he had said the exact same thing about a soldier, i have no doubt the police would have arrested and charged him. Let us NEVER forget that (gods mistake) Fred Phelps was allowed to terrorize the relatives of their loved ones at the funeral sites for decades and no action taken against him until he did it to military personnel. Perhaps it happened this way to mobilize us even more. I have no idea and neither does anyone else. The same thing goes for anyones god.