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I'll see your 17 million votes and raise you...

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From the perspective of another Hillary Clinton supporter who can do basic math, Hilary Rosen wrote this morning that she was "not alone in privately urging the campaign over the last two weeks to use the moment to take her due, pass the torch and cement her grace."

Hilary (one "L") is the new Political Director of the Huffington Post because she has one of the keenest minds in politics. It's a shame Hillary (two "L's") didn't follow her advice.

From the piece, I Am Not a Bargaining Chip, I Am a Democrat:

She had an opportunity to soar and unite. She had a chance to surprise her party and the nation after the day-long denials about expecting any concession and send Obama off on the campaign trail of the general election with the best possible platform. I wrote before how she had a chance for her "Al Gore moment." And if she had done so, the whole country ALL would be talking today about how great she is and give her her due.

Instead she left her supporters empty, Obama's angry and party leaders trashing her. She said she was stepping back to think about her options. She is waiting to figure out how she would "use" her 18 million voters.

But not my vote. I will enthusiastically support Barack Obama's campaign. Because I am not a bargaining chip. I am a Democrat.

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Who knows what she has on her mind. This isn't the behavior of someone who genuinely wants the VP slot.

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | June 4, 2008 7:14 PM

I'm not a Republican or Democrat or born yesterday. Neither Obama nor Hillary are on my side enough to declare that I should be considered a full human being under the law and McCain is worse than both of them.

What I am is a lesbian who's an Independent. And this election season I have an opportunity to put my energy into campaigns of people who don't respect me or the opportunity to fight to keep in law the first full legal declaration of us as human beings -- the California marriage decision by putting everything I have into defeating the referendum that would reverse the heart of it.

The rest of the universe will be paying all the attention that needs to be paid to the big sexy brouhaha. They aren't looking after me and mine (what's new there?) so I don't feel compelled to look after them at the expense of losing what looks to be a squeaker in California that's going to be won or lost based on the money and effort we put into it.

I have to say, I agree with Rosen. Two L Hillary is dragging her heels a little too long on this one. I can't believe she won't just gracefully bow out and let Obama move on to the campaign trail, and then support the hell out of him. Supposedly, Obama would beat McCain by 6 points if the election were today (I just saw it on CNN while typing), and maybe he doesn't need Clinton's voters, but something is fishy about the heel-dragging.

I've been an Obama supporter from the beginning, though I am not a Democrat. In NC, I am registered as a Democrat because I would prefer that my schizo state move more toward purple than red. However, I often identify with Independent candidates. Though I often support independents, I vote Democrat most of the time, because bipartisan politics are set up that way - any third party candidate simply takes votes away from both parties, and most often away from more liberal candidates. This time, it looks like the Libertarians are going to steal some voters.

I like Hillary - would have voted for her if she got the nomination. But, I am not a bargaining chip, either. I would prefer that Hillary not claim ownership of the people who voted for her - that she realize that their votes, and their minds, are not her property. She speaks of them as if they are. This is a scary proposition.

Hilary Rosen is always well spoken. Her article is dead-on center.