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Lesbian Couple Lectured at Doctors office

Filed By Sean Kosofsky | June 19, 2008 2:00 PM | comments

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West Michigan is a very conservative place, but two local lesbians were still shocked to be lectured by their doctor about their "lifestyle" when they went in for a simple issue.

It is a shame that in an era of decreasing access to health care, that barriers like this continue to be created. Being lectured by your doctor can send chills through you and cause you to censor yourself and not seek effective care. Watch this story on WOOD TV in Grand Rapids Michigan for more.

Triangle Foundation is already working to address the situation.

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That's weird. What a strange doctor. Even I'm not that excited about politics to bring it up at work.

This is a real shame that they had to endure this. Personally, if a doctor did that to me, I would read him the riot act and inform him to stay out of my personal life, especially if it is not related to why I'm there. Then, I would tell him to do his damn job or I would report him to the AMA for medical malpractice. People cannot let the "MD" after a person's name intimidate them.

I agree Monica. I would be out that door in seconds flat. It is unprofessional and basically none of his business. I hope he is reprimanded.

My first shrink told me that if I got right with God, I wouldn't be a) gay and b) depressed. First adult therapist did the same.

If Kelly or I ran across this situation I am pretty sure one of us would shoot back a question about believing in talking snakes and invisible men in the sky who help sports teams win games whilst letting children starve.

Lest us take a moment to remember the facts....Rome only fell after Christianity was declared the official religion.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 20, 2008 4:52 AM

OK Children, imagine 1973. I get the clap from a oral sex partner and symptoms develop while I am home from college. I go to the doc's office and see the nurse who had been a support person to me when my brother had been killed and when my mother had a hysterical change of life.

With mildly disguised disgust she said I should pick my partners more carefully.

I truthfully responded: "You're right, he is only a captain in the Air Force. I should consider the Navy."

We have to be tough to stop them in their tracks. We also have to rub their noses in their own naivety. Walking out lets them win--do not do it.