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Pro-life is anti-woman

Filed By Ricci Levy | June 29, 2008 4:30 PM | comments

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I suspect that I've heard every single Carlin routine at one time or another in my life. Since his death, there's been a revisiting of many of his performances. I listen to them now, from the perspective of my work and my awareness of social justice issues, with a recognition of the battles being fought every day to win the rights about which he speaks so eloquently, invoking humor to deliver very powerful messages.

I wonder, as I listen to this routine (where, incidentally, he makes the point that the Catholic Church and "homosexuals" should be natural allies on the abortion issue since no one has less abortions than homosexuals. He is, of course, kidding - just in case anyone reads the post and doesn't watch the video), if in his humor there might be talking points for us - new ways to deliver old messages?

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Well, from my vantage point pro-life consists of men and women indoctrinated by male religious leaders to oppose the right of a woman to control not only her reproductive function, but her destiny as well.

But then, no one has ever counted me as anything less than an absolutely intransigent woman when it comes to transgressions against feminism.

loved the clip Ricci. God bless you, Carlin, wherever you are.

George Carlin was a comedic genius; he'll be remembered in American history along side others like Mark Twain. In fact, he'd just won an award named after Twain, but died before he could accept it.

If more of us thought as he joked, the world would be a better place.

Let us not forget the original use of "Pro Choice." First used by the liberal South to describe their stance, their right to choose for themselves. Asserting that the United States did not have the right to impose on them another's set of values. This was the rallying cry, "Pro Choice" and "States rights" for the South to self determine the slavery issue. At that time, the nation was split near 50/50. That means that 50% were sure that the Humanist approach to slavery was a personal choice. Now it is a mute discussion, what was once disputable is now obvious to most. One fact that inflamed the North prior to the civil war; was the infanticide that was discovered being used by Southern plantation owners. The South did not want this to be common knowledge and this was the practice of "Ice Picking." This was a post birth practice of running an Ice Pick up the base of the skull through the cervical opening and giving a fatal stir. This was practice done to manage the slave population and selective breeding practices. Why is this practice any less humane than abortion today. What difference is a few hours. The fallacy that the unborn are not human yet becomes obvious when the Pro Choice group protests against new ultra sound technology that is able to formulate a face from the scanned digital data of a pregnant mom. Why are the Pro Choice group afraid of a face?

When we argue the Political Correct position, isn't politically correct the only phrase to counter a moral/ ethical argument.

What is wrong with this picture, argue for the deaths of viable babies that are a month, weeks even hours before a natural delivery would occur, and are being eliminated for convenience. Stop using the 2% rape/incest abortions to justify the other 98%.

One more fact the abortion proponents don't want out. Utilizing partial birth abortion techniques (which is to damage the skull and dismember the infant) and the cold counter to induce hypothermia to dispatch a viable birth- this is infanticide.

It just is not as simple as personal rights.

Registered Nurse

How is that a "fact," Bud? It's more like you just slapping a label on something you don't like to try to make it off-limits.

Although Carlin did have quite a few factual errors in what he was saying, his heart was in the right place. I guess that's what matters.