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Queerview Mirror- The Sex and the City Movie!

Filed By Waymon Hudson | June 01, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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Editor's Note: QueerView.pngQueerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. If you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise- suck it.

WAYMON: Oh. My. God. Sex and the City- the Movie. How exciting is this!

SERENA: Whoa there, gayboy. Don't get too excited! What am I saying...? I am totally creaming my panties too!

W: So I know you got dressed to the nines to go see the movie. You looked HAWT!

S: You were just jealous of my shoes.

W: Seriously. You caught me.

S: So what did you think of it???

W: I actually really liked it! It was like a two hour episode. The characters stayed pretty true to form. IT wasn't earth-shattering, but I think that was what made it good!

S: Totally. I thought it was super fun! And the clothes?? Loved them!!

W: I know! So what were your favorite parts?

* Warning!! Spoiler Alert!! Don't read any more if you don't want some of the sexy details!! *

S: I LOVED when Charlotte Poughkeepsied in her pants! I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

W: That was so great! I think Charlotte has some of the best moments in the movie! When she goes crazy at Big and tells him: "No! You won't hurt her EVER again!!" It was awesome! She looked like she was going to rip Big's head off! She was like that girlfriend you always wanted to have your back.

S: And when she tells Big later- "I curse the day you were born!" OMG! Hilarious! But it also made me tear up just a little bit. Woo-hoo for best girlfriends who will always be there for you.

W: And when Samantha feeds Carrie in bed? It was so sweet!!

S: I know. So, how funny was the scene about Miranda not waxing? Thank God for Samantha speaking the truth!

W: I totally threw up in my mouth a little. It was perfect! But wait- what about the gay boys?!? Anthony and Stanford HATED each other during the series. And now we're supposed to believe that they're together? No explanations?

S: For reals!! What happened to Marcus and the house in the Hamptons? And what happened to Anthony being a whore?

W: Random. Although there was some hot naked boy action in the movie!

S: Really? I gotta say . . . not all that impressed with the full frontal shot. Do they always look that sad?

W: I would have cheered him up in a hot minute.

S: You and Samantha both, dirty boy! I'm really glad they returned to the sushi sex metaphor too. That was always one of my favorites! But the "coloring" metaphor? OMG - the best ever!

W: "He colors outside the lines..." Loved it!!

S: So- the CLOTHES!!

W: I loved the Vivian Westwood dress. I think I'll wear that for my California wedding...

S: I gotta say . . . Oscar De Larenta? Totally my favorite. But I'm kinda biased that way. But what was with the bird on her head?

W: OMG! I hated that! She had this gorgeous dress on and then that stupid feather/bird thing. Ugh!! She looked like Camilla Parker Bowles!

S: You are so gay. So don't hate me- Jennifer Husdon can't act. Give up on the movie career sweetie and stick to what you do best . . . singing! Love the soundtrack, BTW!

W: I agree! I love J-Hud, but she sucked in this movie. It was like acting 101. So let's get down to the nitty gritty- what did you think about Carrie and Big?

S: I thought Carrie was smart to ask Big what her legal rights would be if they lived together and they weren't married. But this just goes to show that marriage isn't the only "legitimate" relationship arrangement.

W: I agree. I kind of hated that Big and Carrie had to get married. But they're both so clearly not the marrying sort.

S: I know! I'm glad they ended up together in the end. But married? She said it best when she said, "we were perfectly happy together before we tried to live happily ever after."

W: I thought the best, most moving parts where the interaction between the girls. I could have cared less about Big.

S: I know, like when Carrie left to be with Miranda on New Year's Eve so that she wouldn't be alone. This is why I believe in chosen family.

W: I think that is where the movie shined. I would have been happy if none of the men would have ended up with the girls at the end. They are such a strong family without those guys.

S: Totally. Girl power!

W: Seriously! Now let's go grab some cosmos...

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Okay - I haven't seen the movie. I stopped when you warned of the spoilers ahead.

So I'll be the first sexist pig to give Serena a big long wolf whistle for being smokin' hot! Yowza!

And Waymon! You're such a supportive fellow; you showed the same amount of cleavage as Serena! :)


I can't wait to see the movie, so I can actually comment on the review instead of being so shallow as to focus on the clothes and sex appeal of... Oh. Nevermind.

Seriously- once I saw Serena's hot dress, I had to undo a few buttons so I could look even half as good as her!

And I seriously liked the movie...

What? No comments about The Closet? OMG - I think my b/f creamed his pants when he saw that! Oh, sorry - he now wants to be referred to as my Man-Friend!

Marc- You (and your "man-friend") are so right!!! I want to live in Carrie's closet...

It was bigger than my house, for god's sake.

I always have to go pee halfway through a Sex and the City episode. In fact, I had to go pee halfway through this post.

(Just kidding! Serena and Waymon, you make a hilarious pair! You two should try stand-up comedy together!)