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So Much For My Happy Ending

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Like every other queer man for miles and miles, I was tingling with anticipation for the release of the Sex and the City movie. I missed opening weekend because I was in Philadelphia for the Transgender Health Conference, but after my plane landed on Sunday I rushed to the theater with my friend Sybil. The movie didn't disappoint. It was like three episodes back to back.

satc.jpgWhat did disappoint me was the ending for Samantha. Having never been super pious myself, I always identified with her. So at the end of the series when she ended up with happy with a hot piece of man-candy like Smith, I was thrilled. It seemed like the whore with the heart of gold got her happy ending.

I understand that in order to have a plot in the movie we needed new events in the lives of the girls. But I am not the least bit pleased with the turn that Samantha's love life took. Be warned my general musings on the movie and my grief stricken thoughts on Samantha are after the jump. It contains spoilers.

Carrie and Big's wedding debacle was of course at the center of the movie and produced my favorite scene. While she is waiting on him at the library that she had chosen for the setting for their nuptials and he is sitting in his car outside freaking out, I was on the edge of me seat. As she rushed away from the church and they passed and then had a confrontation in the street where she beat him with the bouquet. I was inspired to applaud. It was tragic-fabulous. It made my night.

Carrie's friendship with her assistant, played by the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, was also a good plot turn for her. It was nice to have a person of color in the movie. The whiteness of Sex and the City has always bothered me a little.

Steve's disclosure that he had an affair was interesting. It was also really believable because we saw some build up about how distant and physically uninvested Miranda seemed to be throughout the movie in their romantic relationship. It was a perfect portrait of how tiresome and routine relationships can become if the people in them aren't intentional. I was relieved when she eventually forgave him. He reminds me so much of one of my ex boyfriends that it felt like I was rooting for him.

Charlotte's storyline was drab. Everything was fine with her and Harry. Their adopted daughter was cute and had one of the best one-word lines of the movie. When she answered Carrie's cell phone by quoting Samantha saying "sex." I laughed until I almost fell out of my seat. She got pregnant and had a baby. BORING!

Finally, Samantha's storyline was tragic. She had moved to the west coast to manage Smith's career and was apparently very successful at it. She was wealthy and in her office surrounded by massive life sized portraits of Smith. In short she felt like her life had been taken over by his career.

We are telegraphed that major problems are ahead for the two of them when Smith declines to have sex because he has to be up early for a film shoot. Samantha is upset and becomes intrigued with watching her extremely hot neighbor Dante has sex every night with a different woman. Dante, just like Smith, is smoking hot. Tragically throughout the movie we never really get to see Samantha have sex with either of them.

She starts to gain weight and gets a dog after she attempts to celebrate Smith's birthday with a surprise. She made him sushi and intended to serve it to him from her naked body, but he is late from work and she lies there for hours. She eventually breaks up with him by saying that she has to focus on herself more.

I am all about people focusing on themselves but we are not given any evidence that she is back out dating or doing anything to not be alone. All we know is that she has turned fifty and her relationship has failed because she was sexually unsatisfied. We saw no evidence that she intended to compromise or had learned anything from loving Smith.

I was disappointed. I felt like it was too easy to make her be the only girl who ended up without a partner and tragically desexed. I think whores can have happy endings. Couldn't we have seen her and Smith develop an open relationship or her realizing that she needed a career that wasn't focused on him for their romance to work? Why oh why did the whore have to end up alone?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one to be disappointed in Samantha's story. She was always the strongest character in the series; self-confident, sure, and determined. Of course there were moments of insecurity, but she always did a reality check and came back stronger than ever.

To me, her leaving Smith was a total cop-out on the writers' part. It was jarring to the overall movie, didn't fit her character at all, and played out the stereotype that strong women are destined to end up alone. Highly disappointing all around.

spoiled b/c I edited but i still want to see the movie.

Thanks, Bruce!

I totally agree on your comments about Samantha's storyline.

What also bugged me was how the movie spent so much time showing Carrie's depression and heartache over Big ditching her at the altar, only to have her go right back to him at the end...with no discussion, no tears, etc. And the fact that she had to give up her dream of having a grand first wedding to get married at city hall - just to make Big feel better - just ruined for me what SATC was all about: Women not having to rely on men and making their own life on their own terms.

As she rushed away from the church and they passed and then had a confrontation in the street where she beat him with the bouquet. I was inspired to applaud. It was tragic-fabulous. It made my night. LMAO! Definitely one of the best, if not, the best scene of the movie.

I agree that having color in Sex and the City was good, however, Jennifer was lookin' busted. That first curly wig she wore made her look like a disaster, and honestly, her character could have been eliminated entirely.

I heart my Charlotte. "I curse the day you were born!" Nuff said.

As far as Samantha goes, I am all about people focusing on themselves but we are not given any evidence that she is back out dating or doing anything to not be alone. You're spot on, BUT if you know anything about Samantha, you know bitch will have at least one man in her bed tomorrow.

I'm glad Samantha ends up alone, because I don't think all the women should have happy endings. That would be too cliche. But you're right, there were other options i.e. an open relationship, and she should have banged Dante, for my own sake. Shit!

And lastly, I'm glad Carrie got married at City Hall. The only thing she cares about is her man. She wanted a small wedding at first with that fug business suit, and in the end she got what she wanted. :)