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The biggest waste of money and effort

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"Here's my advice to those about to marry: Don't. Take the money. Take the money and buy yourself a fabulous apartment and don't spend the money on the wedding. It is the biggest throwaway and means nothing later. It's the biggest waste of money and effort that I've ever heard of."

-- Gossip columnist Liz Smith in a conversation about getting married.

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Well, when she says "don't get married" she really means "don't have a ridiculous wedding." Which, unrelated to any other concerns about marriage as an institution, I agree with. Don't even stop there, though--instead of a huge rock for an engagement ring, put that money away for a down payment on a house, or for your kids if you plan on having them. Don't ask for wedding gifts, don't even register, or only register at one place and only for things you really need, as opposed to just want and can convince people to buy for you because it's "your special day." Go camping for a honeymoon. There are plenty of other options out there, I would say especially for queer people; we don't need to buy into the wedding industry just because we finally got some legal union rights.