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The Bilerico Golden Projector Awards

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Since it's Pride Month, we thought we'd show some pride in our contributors. While I seem to get the lion's share of publicity for the site's success, it's the contributors who do the real work.

In that spirit, I'm proud to announce the very first Bilerico Golden Projectors Awards. There will be a few categories for awards, and your nominations and votes will determine the winners.

The categories are:

  • Best Contributor
  • Best Blog Post
  • Best Guest Post
  • Best Middle Column Post (Abigail's Diary, Ask Michele, Fiercely Fannie, Town Called Dobson, What the Buck?!)
  • Best You Gotta See This Video
  • Best Commenter

See after the jump for details.

Here's the rules:

The Editorial Team is not eligible to win a Best Contributor prize. That means Jerame Davis, Alex Blaze, Waymon Hudson, Michael Crawford, Serena Freewomyn, Marti Abernathey and myself are not eligible for this category. Alumni contributors are eligible to win.

Abigail's Teen Diary videos, Ask Michele columns, Fiercely Fannie columns, Town Called Dobson cartoons, and What the Buck videos are not eligible for Best Blog Post. They are the only posts eligible for Best Middle Column Post.

You can post your nominations in the comments section. You can nominate any post or contributor appropriate for the category. The top three contributors/posts that are nominated the most often will be joined by two selections from the Ed Team. The nominations will be open until midnight EST on Sunday, June 8.

Contributors can make nominations too.

Starting next week, we'll be voting on the five nominees for awards. The top vote getter will win. Voting will be spread out over the rest of the month - two categories per week.

You can see a complete list of contributors (current and alumni) here.

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* Best Contributor - This was tough, but based on some of the recent posts, I'm going with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. Mercedes comes in a close second.
* Best Blog Post - I'm giving the nod to Mercedes Allen's "Uh-Oh."
* Best Guest Post - Zythyra with her recent post.
* Best Middle Column Post (Abigail's Diary, Ask Michele, Fiercely Fannie, Town Called Dobson, What the Buck?!) - I don't read many of these, but Fiercely Fannie has covered a lot of good things.
* Best You Gotta See This Video - Ellen with McCain
* Best Commenter - Polar, for sure.

  • Best Contributor - Mercedes Allen. I consider all of her posts here on Bilerico must-reads.
  • Best Blog Post - "My First Time" by Bil Browning. This story truly touched me.
  • Best Guest Post - "Guest Post on ENDA from Congressman Barney Frank". Not really the best guest post, but the one that brought me to Bilerico in the first place.
  • Best Middle Column Post - My favorite middle column feature is Homotextual. My second favorite is Town Called Dobson.
  • Best You Gotta See This Video - Tim Wise: On White Privilege. This video did more to help me unpack my own privilege than any other single piece of media I've come across yet.
  • Best Commenter - Zoe Brain. She's actually my favorite commenter anywhere...and she's prolific. :)

Just making this clear - for Middle Column Post you should leave a specific post.

And if you can include URLs for any post nominations it'll be appreciated. :)

Monica, you are too sweet -- I'm blushing...

But wait, can't we all win?

I am only going to vote in two categories:

Best contributor: Mercedes Allen

Best commenter: Zoe Brain

Both of these persons contribute significantly to
the overall purpose of The Bilerico Project. While I don't always agree with everything they say, their opinions are insightful and thought provoking.

Are we counting Michigan?

J-u-s-t asking.


Half votes, Storm Bear. To make up for it, just remember to vote early and vote often.

You're so gay, Bil. What do the winners get as a prize?

Good one Stormy!


hello? my vote can be bought.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 4, 2008 1:21 AM

Matt ilda, sorry, no, not everyone can win.

Storm Bear, since when have votes counted?

Monica, Serena, Sara...

You sound like poll watchers in Chicago!

Best Contributor: Mattilda

Best Blog Post: Jessica Hoffman "Why I Don't Do Bi"

I've had to go back and review a bit. Sometimes a post that doesn't strike me at first, comes back to haunt me later.

Before I give my best choices (and honorable mentions), I'd like to talk about what makes a good blog posting. It's not unlike a column in a magazine or newspaper - a good columnist provides a unique point of view, something worthwhile to teach or inform about, a stiff dash of controversy, a personable writing style, decent English grammar, and more than a little good humor. My personal favorite has been, for many years now, David E. Davis, Jr, formerly of Car and Driver and Automobile Magazines, and now of I also admit to liking Bernie Lincicome in the Chicago Tribune - but I digress.

* Best Contributor
Gotta go with Monica Roberts. She comes from a family of educators, and she does that tradition justice every times she writes. Honorable mentions to Andrea Hildebran, Cathy Renna, Donna Rose, Rebecca Juro, Karen Ocamb, Brynn Craffey, and Mercedes Allen. But there aren't any contributors I skip.

* Best Blog Post
“God wouldn’t create somethin’ less than perfect, now, would He? - Brynn Craffey. Perfect post. I couldn't comment, it said it all, and brought intelligent comments. I've forwarded it to many other people.

* Best Guest Post
Most significant one of the year was Barney Frank's attempt to justify what he did to ENDA. Not that I like anything about it or Frank, but he gets the win, for the same reasons the Ayatollah Khomeini was Time's Man of the Year in 1980. Simply the biggest story of 2007-2008, and he was the man behind the curtain. Sic 'em, Toto!

* Best Middle Column Post
I liked the Dobson cartoon about the cat watching C-SPAN. My cat prefers watching CNN or COPS, however.

* Best You Gotta See This Video
My comp starts and stops on video, it's fairly obsolete, so I usually skip the videos.

* Best Commenter
Tough. Can't nominate Bil, Alex, or Serena, since they run the list. I think I'll give it to Zythrya, for her unique viewpoint. Many honorable mentions: Cathryn's good on her rare appearances; wish we heard from her more often. Monica Roberts usually has a good point to make, as with her postings. I like Zoe's stuff. Monica Helms always has something well reasoned to say. Mercedes, of course, is good at keeping discussion going on controversial topics.