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White vs Black - Midwest Vs New Orleans

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Is it just me or is the Midwest getting more Federal help, got Federal help sooner than the Katrina victims received? No problems with ice. I haven't seen any issues with getting aid into the much larger effected area. People from other states, Florida, North Carolina, California, are not being denied access to the victims of the Midwest flood. International aid is not being turned away this time.

In 2004, FEMA had no problems with four hurricanes in a row - Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne pummeled Florida in August of that year. It has even been alleged that FEMA delivered Florida for Bush in 2004. But somehow, a year later FEMA totally fails when it comes to Hurricane Katrina. Not only did it fail, it was an epic failure and collapse of nearly every segment of Federal government. The Canadian Mounties got to New Orleans before Government relief got there.

Bush can't say the government was caught unaware. Video proof shows Michael Brown warning Bush about the levees and the looming disaster to come.

But the Midwest flood response? It looks as organized as the choreography of the The Lion King.

You just got to wonder about the racial element to the still lagging response to New Orleans - almost three years later.

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TCD FANS: The San Francisco Chronicle is pondering the addition of new cartoons for their paper - a process that seems to be initiated by Darren Bell, creator of Candorville (one of my daily reads - highly recommended). You can read the Chronicle article here and please add your thoughts to the comments if you wish. If anything, put in a good word for Darren and Candorville.

I am submitting Town Called Dobson to the paper for their consideration. They seem to have given great weight to receiving 200 messages considering Candorville. I am asking TCD fans to try to surpass that amount. (I get more than that many hate mails a day, surely fans can do better?)

This is not a race between the two of us, it is a hope that more progressive strips can be represented in the printed press of America.

So if you read the San Francisco Chronicle or live in the Bay Area (Google Analytics tell me there are a lot of you), please send your kind comments (or naked, straining outrage) to David Wiegand at his published addresses below. If you are a subscriber, cut out your mailing label and staple it to a TCD strip and include it in your letter.


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Storm, I'm disappointed you chose to go here with this toon. Why does it have to be weighed against a different tragedy? Are the people less dead in the Midwest? Are their homes less destroyed or their lives less ruined? Instead of a sour grapes attitude on behalf of New Orleans, perhaps we could celebrate that FEMA is doing a little better.

And I do mean "a little."

While it's nice that you think they are doing super-spectacular here in the Midwest, allow me to enlighten as someone who's family has lost their home. FEMA has not replaced it. FEMA has not offered temp housing. FEMA has not done one fucking thing to help. While people in New Orleans were getting pots and pans and supplies yesterday, the people in Indiana got -- wait for it -- bupkis. Nada. Nothing.

In Jerame's hometown the police had to be called after a public meeting turned almost violent when the FEMA person showed up to speak and would only offer the following answers to questions about aid:

"I don't know."
"I'm not aware."
"I have no idea."
"I'm sorry."
and my favorite...
"There's nothing we can do right now."

Our state government has done more than the feds. We got declared a disaster area quickly, but parts of Illinois still haven't been declared.

Better treatment? Hardly.

It's more of the same.

Bil, you make a really good point. I think both tragedies are just that - tragedies. And it's shameful that the federal government hasn't done more to respond. It's also really sad that through no fault of their own, the Red Cross has run out of resources to deal with flooding, etc.

The reason that I said I agree with Storm's cartoon is because I think he is highlighting the ineptness of our federal government. I didn't think that he was trying to say that the people of New Orleans deserve help more than the people in the Midwest. Perhaps the title was a bit misleading, though.

They are indeed both tragedies, but after 8 years of Bush, I can't help but think FEMA has selective ineptness. Just like Bush's economy has selective benefits, Bush's Administration does not pretend to serve all people equally.

Sadly, this is a rolling tragedy. Downstream folks are still in danger of losing their lives and their homes.

Zelda Rose | June 22, 2008 7:48 PM

Storm Bear, I think that's exactly the point-Bush takes care of his own, and screw the rest. As a Katrina survivor, I would not wish our heartache on anyone else, ever. The Iowans ought to have the support they need, and to be able to restore their lives as soon as possible.

But down in New Orleans, we have learned that what Bush says is rarely what he does.