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A disgrace to the Man Race

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I know that this dude probably just has issues with his own sexuality and... manliness... but does it have to be plastered in our faces?

I haven't been keeping up the list of media instances where Obama has been called a faggot because it's just gotten out of control. But here's an example of how questioning the masculinity of Democratic men and strengthening America's gender anxiety leads to bad policy in general:

Real Men Vote for McCain
Top 10 reasons why.

By Lou Aguilar

1. Barack Obama spent 20 years sitting in church while his preacher and others bad-mouthed the United States of America. Navy pilot John McCain spent five years being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton, and refused a chance to walk out ahead of fellow POWs with more seniority.

2. Obama wants to cut and run from Iraq regardless of conditions on the ground or future consequences. McCain took on the president and secretary of defense in demanding more troops for Iraq, a policy that is inarguably winning the war. He also has two sons who fought in Iraq.

3. McCain supports nuclear power. Obama backs wind energy.

4. Obama wants restrictive gun control because only economically depressed middle-Americans "cling to God and guns." McCain unwaveringly supports the Second Amendment.

5. McCain has deviated from his party's conservative base on several occasions (McCain-Feingold Bill, Gang of 14, McCain-Kennedy Bill, opposition to torture). Obama has voted the left-wing line every single time, and been designated the most liberal Senator in Congress.

6. Obama is willing to meet with hostile state leaders like Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez without preconditions. McCain will set conditions first, talk later -- maybe.

7. Obama is married to a bitter, angry lawyer who became "proud" of her country for the first time this year. McCain's wife is a beer heiress who founded an organization to provide MASH-style units to disaster-torn world regions. Did I mention that she's a beer heiress?

8. Obama supports higher taxes for a government-run nanny state that will coddle all Americans like babies. McCain trusts people to spend their less-taxed money however they wish.

9. The name John McCain sounds like "John McClain," the action hero played by Bruce Willis in the manly Die Hard series. "Barack Obama" sounds like the kind of elitist villain John McClain has to outwit and defeat.

10. McCain is endorsed by Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obama gets support from Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and every weenie in Hollywood. Plus, Susan Sarandon has vowed to leave the country if McCain gets elected. Case closed.

Apparently this Lou Aguilar couldn't just write "I have a small penis" over and over again; he had to make it sound politicalesque. This was the solution.

But I'm not going to get into how Aguilar's policy prescriptions are just stupid. He's obviously a Bush conservative and dumb, manly-sounding policy is the name of the game.

But the fact that he's basically reduced himself to schoolyard taunts (Only sissies vote for Barack Obama!) instead of actual arguments shows us just how much further we need to go. Homophobia and misogyny still carry a lot of weight in American political discourse, and Republicans have been much better all along at just painting Democrats and liberalism as feminine instead of actually debating issues.

Honestly, I think this is one reason why queer issues and fighting homophobia in all its forms should be a central goal for the Democratic Party - they're constantly being beaten over their heads with this sort of junk and the only way we're going to get past it is if we stop seeing feminine men as inherently evil.

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Obama is married to a bitter, angry lawyer who became "proud" of her country for the first time this year.

There is that anger thing again...

Obama did not vote the left or even the Democratic position on FISA(Senator Clinton, bless her, did) nor is his "Faith Based Initiative" proposal in tune with left fo centre Democratic thinking.

Senator McCain calls his wife a c*nt so obviously he is a better representative of men?

Senator McCain calls his wife a c*nt so obviously he is a better representative of men?

LOL. Exactly, Maura... Real men put their women in their place. They don't have strong, intelligent wives like Michelle Obama.

Ugh. I hate guys like Lou Aguilar. Alex is right- just write "I have a small penis" over and over.

I don't know if I'm comfortable with this small penis meme...

And I wonder why he didn't mention that Cindy McCain is a pill popping thief? Hmm...

Mr. Aguilar forgot to mention Carol McCain, the Senator's first wife. She was nearly killed in a car crash, and endured 23 surgeries during a six month hospitalization which left her four inches shorter, walking on crutches, and overweight. With her no longer being a swimwear model, the Senator began chasing other women before settling on the much younger, and much wealthier, beer heiress that Mr. Aguilar praises.

Sen. McCain... now there's a real man for you!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 25, 2008 3:25 AM

They forgot to say that being a Christain is butcher than being a Muslim and then accuse Obama of being Muslim(Not that there is anything wrong with that):)

I actually think that would help him with these sorts, the way he treats/ed his wives. Left his first one because she got fat? Puts his second one in her place with nasty temper tantrums? These purveyors of a consumerist and selfish model of masculinity love those sorts of things.

I actually think the "beer heiress" repetition is a way of comparing her to property, i.e. I love my woman like I love my beer: not-complainy!

He'd probably find a more elegant way of expressing that sentiment, but the point remains that these guys probably think it's entirely appropriate to behave the way McCain has towards his wives. At least they have the common sense not to talk it up... yet.

Doesn't Susan Sarandon already live in Canada?

Bil, Susan and Tim Robbins still have places in New York and Southern California, as well as Canada. You can bet they'll be voting here this fall.

As for Lou Aguilar, who is he? I've never heard of him.

Real men- and real women - vote for the best person for the job.

People's opinion will only get worse as the Presidential election looms closer. I can't wait till the end of September. The character assinations will be juicy and nasty by then!!!

"I don't know if I'm comfortable with this small penis meme..."

Me either.