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Campaign Time

Filed By Bil Browning | July 17, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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Jib Jab's latest skewers both Obama and McCain while tossing in a few good smacks at Hillary Clinton too. As I heard Jack Cafferty say last night on CNN, "This'll actually make you laugh out loud."

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Lame-O. It fits right in with the amount and type of cynicism the media wants us to have in the political process with a good dose of weeks-old CW. Hillary's crowding out Obama? McCain's "liberally prone"? Obama uses the word "change" too much? Where have these people been for the last few months?

And it's totally going on the list, now with McCain being presented as a war hero with a deep voice who turned into a lovable curmudgeon and Obama prancing through the flowers and riding a unicorn.

I saw this and wondered who'd actually like it, and now I find out.

I kid, I kid! I was referring to Jack Cafferty, of course.


Saw this the forst time yesterday loved it not as good as the ones they did with Bush and Kerry but give em time gotta love the guys at JibJab!