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In a way it would be good if Crist was the VP nominee. With stuff like this out there, I can't believe McCain would be that stupid.

From 2006:

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Well, there is a new doll to stick pins into.... just when I was able to take the Helms doll down.... tsk tsk tsk.

It's interesting that we consider this a stupid thing for McCain to do. Why doesn't he pick a gay VP? It'll appeal to the center!

Oh, wait, it's Democrats who have to pick fundies and Sam Nunns and Joe Liebermans as their running mates to get the center, not Republicans.

Not that Charlie Crist would be all that good a pick for McCain anyway, VP choices don't deliver their states.

All of that "stuff" was indded "out there" as Good-Time-Charlie was running for Gov of FL. Yet elected he was. And it wasn't even close.

I was actually quite amazed, given the very religious right-wing majority in most of this state, particularly up in the "power center", the state capitol of Tallahassee (where the "good-ol'-boy network" is still how business is done).

But, alas, the electorate is comprised of sheep. Give them a candidate with some charisma, who's saying what they want him to say, and they will look no deeper and just eat right out of his hand...

No. Way. In. Hell.

He needs the religious right too much.